Just a little further

Greetings one and all.

There have been a number of occasions when Commando and I have been out for a walk and my plan was just to take a short stroll but instead we have ended up going further than I had originally planned.

This is of course down to me deciding to increase the length of the walk, and not the result of a mutiny by Commando where he has flat out ignored my instructions and literally dragged me along with him until he decided it was time to go home. Now there would be an interesting post, dear readers.

Sometimes the decision has been made because of especially nice weather, but more often than not it is simply because Commando and I have been enjoying the walk, enjoying working together, so much so that it just seemed a shame not to continue moving forward.

But recently I got to thinking that the phrase, and title of this post “just a little further” could actually sum up the way my life has gone since that momentous day when Commando came into it.

When Commando and I started our partnership I was still living with my parents. A few months later Commando and I moved to our own place, an event made possible by the independence Commando has given me.

When Commando and I were matched I was expecting to be attending my college course at a campus I knew well. Within a few moments of learning this would not be the case, I had resolved to start the course at a campus I had never before set foot in. This was all because I had the confidence in Commando to get me around the place safely.

Before being matched with Commando I thought it might be nice to be able to help Guide Dogs, an organisation which does such wonderful work, but I wasn’t entirely sure how to go about it. On my first day in Edinburgh I was writing a blog for the Guide Dogs website, and since then I have become a speaker, a branch liaison and undertaken many other tasks for Guide Dogs. In fact, my original plan with this blog was primarily to document our training, and a little while after qualification. However, since so many people enjoy reading about Commando, here we are almost three years later, still with stories to tell! Not to mention, you wonderful people still keep coming to read them.

When I was matched with Commando, my plans regarding education had only gone as far as completing the HND, but now I am studying to top that up to a full honours degree. Of course I could not have done this if I had not attended the course in its new location, so chalk that one up to Commando too.

So, you see, having Commando in my life has enabled me to go just a little further in so many ways, and with luck will allow me to go further still.

As far as our guide dogs are concerned, we, their mums and dads, are the greatest people in the world. They look to us with so much love, are so eager to please us and they take on their work for us with such pure enthusiasm. So how can we not believe that just about anything is possible for us with such wonderful companions by our sides? How can we not go, just a little further?


Craig, 3:09pm Thu 19 Feb 2015:

Hi Joanne. Congratulations on being accepted on to the waiting list. I wish you every success. Always nice to see your commens on the blog, Ted. As always,I'm so very pleased that you and others find these posts enjoyable.

Joanne, 1:18pm Thu 19 Feb 2015:

I have just been accepted to go onto the waiting list for a guide dog and I am really looking forward to my new life. Your story is inspirational.

Ted, 7:57pm Wed 18 Feb 2015:

It is good to hear of both your achievements. Keep up the good work. Love the blog.

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