The dog pod

The Dog PodAs I have mentioned in previous posts, university is quite different from college and this is particularly true for Commando. The timetable has changed with the new semester so Commando has had to learn more routes to classrooms and he now has to contend with a three-hour stint in the main lecture theatre. Fortunately though we are at the very front, so Commando can just lie on the floor without confinement.

As always, he takes all of this in his stride and has even managed not to start snoring during the lectures, which may put him ahead of some of the students.

The one thing that I do miss is being able to let him off the lead during any brake times. We don’t have the same kind of lecture structure at the university, so we don’t have any breaks during classes per say. Even when things were extremely busy at college there was usually some chance to let Commando roam around the classroom.

Fortunately though, a kind of solution has been found. In the building that houses the lecture theatres and libraries there is a small pod. I can’t recall exactly what its official name is. However, upon examination of the pod I quickly realised that it would be possible to allow Commando some off-lead time in it. It’s a small space, but can be made more dog friendly by removing some chairs. Its main charm though is that it can be completely closed off, so there’s no chance of Commando escaping and roaming around the main library. I can only imagine the reaction if he were to start wandering around the vast space that is the library, and the reaction of the students, sitting there working hard when they suddenly see a big yellow dog, without a human, running past.

Not being able to remember the exact name of the pod I promptly christened it the ‘dog pod’, a place where Commando can be off lead, take a small stroll around, have a sniff of the floor and generally keep himself amused. He can even be nosey if he wants by looking out onto the library through the frosted glass. This works both ways and on a few occasions we have had some students looking in at the cute doggy.  Commando can also look out of the window towards the computing school or river if he wishes. Since the weather is starting to improve, there’s also every chance he’ll start using the time to sunbathe.

I really must remember to pack a toy for him on the days when I try to get into the dog pod. It’s available to any students at any time, so there’s never any guarantee that Commando and I can stake a claim, but we do so whenever the opportunity arises, just so that he can have that little bit of freedom during the day.

I think Commando quite likes this arrangement, as he’s figured out where the pod is, and happily heads into it with very little prompting, once he realises that that’s where we’re heading.


Vicky, 3:37am Thu 12 Mar 2015:

Wonderful news indeed that Commando has re-adapted so well to University life - you are both a credit to have ensured all of this. Perhaps buy Commando a "silent" squeaky dog toy - "Hear Sonic toy" so he can play OK in Dog Pod.

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