ITV This Morning: Emma Hunnisett, Guide Dogs puppy walker

Clover and EmmaMy name's Emma and I'm absolutely thrilled to say that I'll be the puppy walker looking after This Morning's newest canine star on her journey to becoming a fully qualified guide dog.

By puppy walker, I mean that I'm a Guide Dogs volunteer who will be looking after the pup at my home in East Sussex for the next 12 to 14 months. Guide Dogs has more than 8,000 volunteers involved in guide dog training, and it's a puppy walker's job to give pups basic obedience skills like 'sit' and 'stay'.

We also get them used to the sights, sounds and smells of the big, wide world. I'll be taking our pup on buses and trains, into supermarkets and cafes - getting her used to the places that she might go when she's a guide dog one day.

Clover and Emma at ITV This MorningGrowing up, my family used to breed and show cocker spaniels so I'm used to dogs. My husband and I had thought about becoming puppy walkers for some time, but the thought of having to hand the puppy back after a year made us hesitate. Then one day in June last year, we took a day trip to Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent, where we met some puppy walkers outside. We ended up talking to them for some time about their experiences. Afterwards, all we wanted to do was go home and call Guide Dogs.

This will be our second guide dog puppy in training. Our first, Charlie, moves on to his formal training on 21st September. The thought that he will hopefully go on to change someone's life one day is what it's all about; the many positives far outweigh the fact that he's leaving us! Puppy walking is great because it's something the whole family can get involved with. I have two teenage sons and they've been a part of this every bit as much as my husband and me, which is lovely.
Our new puppy's personality is already shining through. She's a feisty little thing who's not afraid of anything, though she's calming down a little now and turning into a proper little sweetie. We're just privileged to be looking after her for the next year!


Pauline, 12:56pm Fri 18 Sep 2015:

I am now on my 3rd puppy, 1 qualified and second one due to qualify anytime, and it is lovely to see how clover is progressing already. Great for Guide dogs to get the message out about the work involved to get the end result of a working guide dog. Well done This Morning.

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