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  • The most important Clover pics from her first 6 months on This Morning

The most important Clover pics from her first 6 months on This Morning

To celebrate Clover’s 6 month anniversary on This Morning we’re counting down 12 moments she was the cutest puppy on TV! 

12. The moment that Clover realised that she could selfie like the best of them.

Clover poses for the camera

11. When she strutted the corrie cobbles and showed the Corrie stars how to pose at Coronation Street.

Clover outside the Rovers Return at Coronation Street

10. When she stole the show on Chatty Man.

Clover poses in front of the Chatty Man sign

9. The time she showed off her dog biscuit spelling skills and wished Rylan a Happy Birthday!

Clover sitting behind dog biscuits spelling out Happy Birthday Rylan

8. The day she was reunited with her beautiful mum Ushka.

Clover and Ushka outside

9. Clover Cam. Enough said.

8. The time she wondered if it was possible to eat a National TV award.

Clover with her National Television Award

5. When she knew stardom was imminent when she was filmed for the first time. 

Clover as a small puppy sniffing a camera

4. The wonderous day when she was reunited with her brothers and sisters.

Clover with her brothers and sisters

3. This Guide Dogs puppy coat and the way Clover wears it.

Clover Asleep

2. When she nearly broke the internet by posing with Joe Sugg.

Joe Sugg and Clover

1. When true friendship began...the moment she met Holly and Philip.

Clover with Holly and Philip


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