Your gift can make a big difference

Sensational Seven Puppies

Albie, Alex, Archie, Amie, Annie, Ava and Aysha are little bundles of fur just starting a big journey.

The Sensational Seven have a big adventure ahead of them. Full of adventure, learning and heaps of fun, they are all on their way to becoming life-changing guide dogs.

It takes around 20 months of specialised training to transform a new born puppy into a confident guide dog.

Please support these puppies on their journey by donating today. It costs around £29,000 to train just one guide dog. Your kind support will ensure we can continue to breed, feed and train many more puppies like the Sensational Seven.







We will not rest until blind and partially sighted people can enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else.

To donate over the phone please call our Supporter Care Team on 0800 953 0113.



£10 could help feed seven growing pups for a week

£20 could buy water bowls for a thirsty guide dog mum and her entire litter

£30 could cover the cost of annual vaccinations for a working guide dog