What happens next?

Following a Service Information Visit by a Habilitation Specialist, and the completion of an Application form and an Assessment Visit we will work with you to identify whether a buddy dog will enhance the life of a young person who is blind or partially sighted and, in some cases, whether it may encourage future guide dog ownership. We will explore how a buddy dog would fit with your lifestyle, and your expectations of a buddy dog.

It is important we emphasise that not all applications will be successful. We have certain criteria incorporated into the application and assessment process to enable the most appropriate decision to be made. Our dogs are all very different from each other – they need to be able to suit the wide variety of needs and abilities of our service users.

Financial Responsibility

Guide Dogs recognises that feeding a dog and paying for veterinary care and treatment can be expensive and these costs will need to be carefully considered during the application process

Young People’s Buddy Dogs

As a buddy dog owner you will become responsible for your dogs welfare through providing suitable food and recommended levels of veterinary care. You will be expected to meet the full cost of dog food and veterinary costs throughout the life of your dog, however in exceptional circumstances, Guide Dogs may support an applicant seeking sponsorship funding where financial help is needed.



There are now over 100 buddy dog partnerships in the UK.