Liam's story

Liam is 15 years old and lives with his family and guide dog, George. Liam lost his sight suddenly when he was five years old and doctors are still unsure to this day why Liam can no longer see.

Liam was matched with guide dog, George in Summer 2012 and since then his life has changed completely.

Liam explains how he is more independent, especially when going to and from school and meeting friends. Before George, Liam relied on his brothers to help him get to school but when they left school last year, he was a bit worried about making his way there all by himself – then George came along.

Liam's Dad explains that George is a great partner for Liam and it is peace of mind for Mum and Dad (and Liam) as he is safe when George is by his side.

Liam's ambition for the future is to play blind football for Great Britain and he has also recently been asked to be part of the fast-track team for blind archery for the Paralympics in Rio.


Liam with his guide dog