Fireworks and garden safety

Firework safety

Fireworks have been used for thousands of years all over the world to help celebrations go with a bang. In the UK, we’ve traditionally let them off on November 5th to remind us what a near miss our politicians had at the hands of Mr Fawkes; and people are using them more and more to see in the New Year or to celebrate religious festivals like Diwali.

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Not every creature in the world, though, appreciates fireworks. Your dog, for instance, might wonder, if he were able, why on earth we insist on scaring him silly with loud, unpredictable noises.

Whilst some dogs (and cats, and hamsters) are able to take these minor explosions in their stride, others can suffer serious psychological and physical damage. Dogs are especially vulnerable because of their very sensitive hearing and fireworks can cause them extreme distress.

Following some tough campaigning by Guide Dogs and other charities, including the RSPCA and The Blue Cross, the Fireworks Act was passed into law in September 2003. This gives the government powers to introduce legislation to restrict the sale and use of fireworks. This is good news for us and for dogs. We’ll be keeping a careful eye on the effectiveness of the new regulations and, if they don’t improve the quality of life for guide dog owners and their dogs, we won’t hesitate to take further action.

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But, if your dog (or other pet) does get distressed, you can find some very useful tips and information in our fireworks - help for your dog section or in the Guide Dogs' Fireworks booklet:

Fireworks - Help for your dog (PDF 1.6mb)

Fireworks - Help for your dog (Word 30kb)

Garden safety

Green-fingered pet owners need to make sure that the garden is a safe and fun place for all the family - including the four-legged members! For more information, please visit our keep your dog safe in the garden section.