Guide dog health care

Information for owners and vets

We’re committed to maintaining the health and welfare of all the dogs in our programme – including puppies and retired dogs. Our knowledge in this specialist field is world-renowned and is built on over 80 years of experience and research.

Guide dog health care information for vets

We provide vets with clear guidance on our veterinary and dog care policies, and give advice on providing equal access blind or partially sighted people within practices. More on our information for vets

Guide dog health care information for owners

Adviceservices Vetshealth Vetdog1Find comprehensive information on the general health care that a guide dog needs. We also give you advice on the routine health checks that you can perform at home. More on our health care guidance for owners



We’re a major contributor to research into dog health and welfare issues in the UK. We’re also committed to avoiding the use of animals (or tissue from laboratory animals) in any of the research projects we support.