Why do Guide Dogs microchip?

All our guide dogs can be recognised by our dog care staff and trainers through their individual characters but there is still a need to be able to identify our dogs, should they get lost or even stolen.

Microchip identification was first introduced in the late eighties and has gradually been accepted as a safe and reliable way to identify dogs. The microchip is contained within a special glass coating and is completely harmless. The chip will register a unique code number when a scanner is passed over it. The code number can then be referred to a central database that will identify the dog and owner.

Since 2000, all guide dog puppies have been microchipped before leaving our breeding centre. Our staff will also microchip older working guide dogs at the request of guide dog owners.

Where can I go for further information?

For guide dog owners: Should you have any further queries regarding vaccinations or any other aspects of your dogs health, please contact the Dog Care and Welfare Advisor.

For pet owners: Please contact your local veterinary surgeon.