What is Neutering?

Neutering is the removal of the reproductive organs in dogs and is generally undertaken to stop any unwanted litters.  In female dogs, the procedure is known as spaying and in the male dog, the procedure is known as castration.

Why are guide dogs neutered?

Working guide dogs need to keep their minds on the job at all times.  No flirting, fighting or seeking a mate. For these reasons all working guide dogs are neutered.

Unneutered dogs are easily distracted by female dogs in season and will often try to escape and find a mate. They can also become more aggressive towards other dogs and may become territorial, frequently marking their territory. Similar behavioural changes will also be experienced by the female dog, who may become restless, easily distracted and attract unwanted male attention.

When are guide dogs neutered?

With the exception of breeding dogs, all guide dogs are neutered. Male puppies are castrated during the puppy-walking period at approximately 8 months of age. Bitches are spayed after their first season, which is usually after returning to one of our centres for training. Neutering of guide dogs is carried out by Guide Dog approved veterinary practices.

Where can I go for further information?

For guide dog owners: For further information, please contact the Dog Care and Welfare Advisor.

For pet owners: Always consult your local vet for advice.