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Pupdate 5

Hi I’m Elaine, my husband Robin and I are looking after the gorgeous Eddie until he’s matched with his future owner.

Eddie has made brilliant progress and I’m delighted to say that he has successfully made it through advanced training. Eddie was matched for a few weeks, but sadly his owner developed some health issues. This meant that they felt unable to give Eddie the care he needed, and made the decision to give him back to Guide Dogs to be re-matched with another guide dog owner.

The welfare of guide dog owners and their dogs is at the heart of everything Guide Dogs does, so while this was a difficult and sad decision for Eddie’s owner, in the end it was agreed to be best for both of them.

Holiday to the Lake District

When Guide Dogs let us know that they needed somewhere for Eddie to stay for a while, we were happy to take him in. We decided to give Eddie time to play and have a bit of rest, so we took him on holiday to the Lake District for a couple of weeks.

Eddie really loved the Lake District! He settled in quickly, and having a holiday helped him relax, so he’ll be ready for some refresher training in the coming weeks.

This will involve walking routes to practise his guidance work, and going over skills to keep them fresh in his mind. It means he’ll be ready for life as a qualified guide dog when his new match is found.

Sweet and attentive boy

It’s fair to say Eddie has made quite an impression on us already; he loves leaning in for a cuddle and he’s really affectionate. His favourite game is making his plastic duck toy quack, and trying to entice you into playing with him by making ‘Scooby Doo’ noises! He also loves to lie down, nuzzle and bury his face in the soft toy rabbit that his first owner gave him, which is really sweet.

Eddie will be matched again soon

At this point, we’ll have Eddie with us for a few more weeks. He’ll start practicing his guiding skills again before he’s matched with his guide dog owner and then we’ll do a gradual handover. Although we’ll really miss Eddie, we’re so excited to see him partnered. We know he will be such an amazing guide dog for someone soon.

One more Pupdate to come!

Thank you so much for sponsoring Eddie, we can’t wait for you to find out who he will be partnered with in his final Pupdate in February.


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