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Pupdate 4

Hi, my name’s Jai and I’m Fargo’s Trainer now he’s moved to Redbridge Training School.

Fargo’s settled into training school life really well. He works hard at his training and he does lovely work. He can be a bit sensitive and sometimes lacks confidence when I try him on something new, but once he realises what I want him to do he just cracks on with it with his tail wagging. He takes his responsibility seriously, which is an essential trait for a guide dog. However, it’s also lovely to see him change into a playful pup when I pull out a toy!

Getting his feet wet

Every guide dog is different and so each guide dog is trained differently. Working with Fargo has really taught me a lot about building up his confidence slowly. For example, he really didn’t like walking through puddles. So much so, that he would often guide me around them so he didn’t get his feet wet! I spent time getting him used to being in puddles by standing in the middle of one with a treat in my hand so he had to come and get it. He’s much happier when we go out in the rain now!

A blindfold walk

I’ve been getting him used to busy environments such as shopping malls and teaching him to find empty seats on public transport. This will enable his future owner to get around freely and independently on public transport and in busy environments. Soon, he’ll be doing a ‘blindfold walk’ where I wear a blindfold and do a short training walk with him. This will allow me to assess how much support he’ll need from his trainer when he progresses to Advanced Training.

His best friend

Fargo’s best friend at school is Scout, a big golden retriever from Scotland. Scout is a bit goofy and brings out the silly side of Fargo, which is hilarious to see. They love bounding around the free run area together, with Fargo running low to the ground like a terrier!

Exciting times ahead

Fargo’s a really gorgeous, sweet boy. I’ve loved working with him and I’m sad but excited to see him go off to Advanced Training soon. In Fargo’s next Pupdate in October you’ll hear all about the next stage of his exciting journey.

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