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Pupdate 2

Hi I’m Christine, my husband Paul and I are Hattie’s Puppy Walkers. Welcome to Hattie’s second Pupdate.

Hattie is really growing up fast! A few months on from your last Pupdate, this gorgeous girl is calmer and happier than ever. Hattie has mastered the ‘down’ and ‘stay’ commands, and we’re very proud that she has got the hang of waiting at the first and last steps on a staircase, which a qualified guide dog must do for their owner.

Hattie still loves to play, especially with our grandchildren and her doggy pals, and after playtime Hattie comes back straightaway when called. This is really important as her future owner will need to trust her to come back promptly after a free run. On the other hand, we are still working on getting Hattie to walk to heel, as she gets very excited when we’re out and about!

Hattie’s adventures

As Hattie grows up, she’s broadening her horizons. She’s had fun going on holiday to Devon in a campervan, going on a canal boat and recently staying with another family. It’s great that Hattie feels comfortable in new places and around other people, as this will be important when she moves on to early training.

Hattie is also fantastic with public transport, and in the car. She loves to look out of the windows. It makes me laugh that whenever she sees another dog through the window, she wags her tail and makes a little noise to tell you that there’s a dog to look at!

Funny little quirks

Hattie is a very fun-loving and affectionate pup. She loves to pick up your socks and run around with them, and she’ll sit on your feet, especially when we sit down to relax in the evening. She particularly adores programmes about animals, and is absolutely transfixed if you put one on TV. It’s great, because if she’s too excitable we just put one on and she calms down straightaway!

Next steps for Hattie

I’m so pleased with Hattie’s progress and I am excited to see how she gets on in the next few months as early training approaches. Keep an eye out for your next Pupdate in February!

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