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Pupdate 2

Hi I’m David, Zac’s Puppy Walker. Welcome to Zac’s second Pupdate!

A few months on from your first Pupdate, I’m delighted to say that Zac is doing really well with his training. He has mastered the guide dog stair procedure, where he stops when having reached the stairs, and waits for permission to proceed. Zac is also learning ‘left’ and ‘right’ commands and is becoming very comfortable with travelling on public transport, which is great. I use ‘jackpot treats’ like cheese and sausage to encourage Zac’s training. He loves his treats and he tries his hardest to earn them!

A big strong boy

A current challenge for Zac is walking to heel. He’s a big, strong dog and he tends to pull, so it’s important that he slows down for the sake of his future owner. This is something I can begin to train Zac in, and the trainers at Guide Dogs are more than capable of handling. He can also be a little wary of new things sometimes, so we use treats to help him approach and adjust to objects he’s unsure about.

He loves his toys

Zac is very grown up in many ways, but he’s also incredibly funny. He adores squeaky toys and likes to carry two at a time in his mouth. He often goes up to other dogs and flaps his multiple toys around to invite them to play too!

A gentle giant

Zac’s loyal side is also showing more as he grows up, which is lovely. Once, during a free run with a doggy pal called Miles, another dog came up to Miles with an intimidating stance. Zac stood between the dog and Miles to protect his friend! Zac is very much a gentle giant though. When Zac plays with his best little puppy pal, Berry, he puts up admirably with being ambushed and licked by her. Also, with people, he very sweetly leans into you when you stroke him, so much so that if you stop, he almost falls into you!

The next step

I’m so proud of this lovely boy and the progress he’s making. I’m confident he will make it to Early Training later this year, but we’ll just have to wait and see if he gets there in time for your next Pupdate in October.


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