Report an Attack on a guide dog

With eight guide dog attacks reported every month this is clearly a serious problem.

Guide Dogs has funded research in to attacks. The Chief Executive has written to every Chief Constable in England & Wales informing them of the serious consequences of such attacks and urging them to take action against the perpetrators. We also responded in the summer of 2010 to the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) consultation on the Dangerous Dogs Act.

While we can highlight the issue and present the evidence to the authorities, it is clear that education, training and enforcement have to go hand in hand. We need make all the relevant agencies aware of the impact of these attacks and work with them to tackle the issue.

As part of that, we must ensure that attacks on guide dogs are reported so that we can monitor the situation and build an evidence base.

If you are a guide dog owner who has experienced a dog attack then please report your findings using the dog attack report form, sending your completed form back to your local Guide Dogs team.


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