Safe and Sound

Take Action! Time is ticking to make quiet vehicles 'Safe and Sound!'

A guide dog owner and dog start to cross a road together.We urgently need your help to make sure European decision makers bring mandatory sound generators into force as soon as possible. Recent research shows electric and hybrid vehicles are 25% more likely to be involved in a collision which injures a pedestrian. Installing sound generators would help pedestrians hear these vehicles and enable them to cross more safely. Help us campaign for safer quiet vehicles.

How do you 'stop, look, listen' when there isn't anything to listen out for?

  • Electric, Hybrid and quiet combustion engine cars are making today’s vehicles quieter; posing a serious risk to blind and partially sighted pedestrians.
  • Research has shown that electric and hybrid cars travelling at certain speeds can only be heard less than a second before impact.
  • We are therefore campaigning for the installation of audible sound generators on cars to improve road safety for all pedestrians.

Quiet vehicles present a real danger to pedestrians who cannot hear them. If you are blind or partially sighted, you rely on vehicle noise to identify a safe gap in the traffic to cross a road. The government is encouraging the greater uptake of these vehicles due to their environmentally friendly credentials - it is therefore more important than ever that we ensure safety issues such as lack of noise are dealt with early on to prevent further problems in the future.

There has been deep concern expressed by people who are blind and partially sighted that if you cannot see or hear a car, how can you avoid it and cross a road safely? The "Safe & Sound" campaign calls for the mandatory introduction of audible sound generators on cars. Help us campaign for safer roads now!