Streets Ahead

Sign guide dog owner Eric’s letter asking Government to stop dangerous shared surface streets

Guide Dog owner Eric with his guide dog

Guide dog owner Eric has not visited his local town centre alone since it was converted into a shared surface street over two years ago. Now he has written an open letter to the Government asking for change. Sign it here.

Everyone has the right to move freely along the street. Unfortunately, there are still many barriers that make this difficult for people who are blind or partially sighted. The Streets Ahead campaign aims to tackle some of the most frequent barriers to accessible streets.

Parking on Pavements

Parking pop graphic of a van

Poorly parked vehicles which block some or all of the pavement cause problems for many pedestrians. It can force people who are blind or partially sighted, parents with pushchairs, wheelchair users, and many others, to walk on the road and into the path of oncoming traffic.

Help us campaign for a nationwide law on this issue.

Street Clutter

A-Boards graphic image

97% of those who are blind or partially sighted encounter problems with street clutter, such as shop advertising boards or pavement café furniture. We’re calling for clearer high streets which are more attractive and accessible for all shoppers.

Help us improve your local high street for everyone.

Shared Surfaces

Shared surface graphic (bricks tilted)

Shared surfaces are designed to create a single space which is shared by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. These areas frequently have no pedestrian crossings, no pavements, and no kerb. Shared surfaces can pose a threat to the safety of people with sight loss.

We’re campaigning to ensure that the needs of blind or partially sighted pedestrians are put first.


“When I leave the house for work I have to walk beside a busy road to get to the bus stop and every day there is at least one vehicle parked on the pavement stopping me and my guide dog getting past and therefore we have to risk our lives going into the busy main road just to get round.”

Lena, Guide Dog Owner

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