Street Clutter Survey 2012

Thank you to all the volunteers who completed a Street Clutter survey for us earlier this year. We can now reveal how big a problem poorly positioned A Boards, rubbish bins and other obstructions are on High Streets across the UK.

  • A-Boards were the most frequently encountered obstacle (38% of all obstacles identified)
  • Nearly 40% of high streets had A-Boards placed in no particular order
  • Cafés were the type of business most frequently using A-Boards and over a quarter of the A-Boards listed were used by cafes, restaurants, pubs or bars.
  • Colchester High Street had the most A-boards, with 65 listed.
  • Camden was the most cluttered of all the 65 towns surveyed, with 109 separate obstacles identified along the High Street.
  • Only 19% of Café’s surveyed were using A-Boards effectively

To improve the situation we have made six key recommendations for businesses and councils.

The Executive Summary (PDF 63kb) has lots more information, and the full set of Results (PDF 313kb) are also available.

If you have any questions, or would like the Executive Summary or the full Results in an alternative format, please email us.