Pavement Parking

Where cars are parked on pavements people who are blind and partially sighted may have to risk their lives by walking into the road just to get by. This is an issue that also impacts parents with prams, wheelchair users, and older people and many others.

A survey by Guide Dogs showed 97% of blind or partially sighted people encounter problems with street obstructions, and 90% of those had experienced trouble with a pavement parked car.

A YouGov survey from January 2013, showed over half of motorists had considered the problems pavement parking would cause to pedestrians, but had chosen to do so regardless. It is clear change needs to happen.

A standardised law across the country would make it clear that pavement parking should be the exception, not the norm for motorists, and give local authorities real power to properly tackle this problem. We want a clear law where drivers cannot park on the pavement unless in a specifically designated area, in line with Greater London. Take action to support our call to keep pavements clear and safe for pedestrians.


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Help spread the word about problematic pavement parking

We're campaigning to tackle the pavement parking, which causes difficulties for lots of pedestrians. Take action to support our call to keep pavements clear and safe for pedestrians.


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"I find it immensely frustrating when a car blocks my way by parking on the pavement, especially if it forces me and my guide dog Breck in to the road to compete with passing traffic. This is inconvenient and dangerous for pedestrians like myself."

John, Guide Dog Owner