What have we done so far on Pavement Parking?

A mother with a push chair is forced to walk out on to the road to pass several pavement parked vehicles

Photo Description: A mother with a push chair is forced to walk out on to the road to pass several pavement parked vehicles

  • On 4 December 2015, the Pavement Parking (Protection of Vulnerable Pedestrians) Bill was debated in the House of Commons. MPs from across the political parties spoke in support of the Bill. In response, the Government announced that it is unable to support the Bill at this stage but that it will conduct research in the new year into how legislation on pavement parking could be introduced. This will include a roundtable discussion, which Guide Dogs will attend to help to shape the research. This positive result meant that Simon Hoare withdrew the Bill to allow time for the research to take place.
  • On 3 December 2015, we held a Christmas event for MPs in the Speaker’s House in the Houses of Parliament, to encourage them to show their support for Simon Hoare’s Bill at its second reading the following day. The evening included speeches from the Speaker of the House John Bercow MP, Simon Hoare MP and campaigner Stephen Anderson, as well as performances from visually-impaired choir the VIPs and visually-impaired pianist Matthew Horspool.
  • On 26 November 2015, we delivered over 1200 pavement-parking-themed birthday cards to Minister for Parking Andrew Jones MP, as well as surprising him with the news that we had named a guide dog puppy Jones after him! We wanted to show the Minister how much support there is on the issue of pavement parking, to encourage him to introduce legislation.
  • On 24 June 2015, the Pavement Parking (Protection of Vulnerable Pedestrians) Bill had its first reading in Parliament.
  • On 4 June 2015, 20 MPs were chosen by ballot to have the opportunity to put forward a bill of their choice before Parliament. Thanks to contact from Guide Dogs campaigners, and the wealth of evidence shown on our pavement parking map, Simon Hoare MP chose pavement parking as the issue for his bill, the Pavement Parking (Protection of Vulnerable Pedestrians) Bill. The Bill would introduce a law in England and Wales which would replicate the legislation in place in London.
  • June 2015

Over 180 MPs attended a Parliamentary Reception at the House of Commons to learn more about the issue of pavement parking. Attending MPs were presented with their own, personalised 'Streets Ahead star' which contained information about the campaign and messages from their constituents. The reception aimed to encourage MPs to consider introducing a Pavement Parking Private Members Bill again this year. Read more about the reception.

  • April 2015

We launched a Pavement Parking Map which is created from photos of pavement parked cars from all over the UK, submitted by supporters. You can view the map and submit your own photos by visiting the map’s webpage.

  • January 2015

MP's run out of time for a second reading of the Pavement Parking Bill. A new date is set for 27 March 2015, but it is unlikely this will take place so close to the General Election.

Guide Dogs released new YouGov survey results which show 72% of people have been affected by vehicles parked on the pavement. A video of a guide dog's eye view of pavement parking was also released. As a result the issue of pavement parking received a large amount of attention in the media and a debate amongst the public was sparked. Read more about the survey results on our website.

  • December 2014

Over 700 supporters submitted festive, pavement parking messages for their MP's Christmas Cracker. We delivered the crackers to MP's in December, with the help of a few trainee Guide Dogs!

  • November 2014

We sent over 200 supporter's personal stories about pavement parking to Lord Wallace ahead of a discussion on pavement parking as part of the Deregulation Bill debate in the House of Lords.

  • September 2014

Mark Lazarowicz MP's Responsible Parking (Scotland) Bill is debated at its second reading in Parliament. Afterwards the Westminster Government agree to ensure the Scottish Parliament has the powers required to pass a bill on the issue at a devolved level and so Mark Lazarowicz MP withdraws his bill.

  • 2 July 2014

The Pavement Parking Bill and Responsible Parking (Scotland) Bill are both presented to Parliament for the first time.

  •  12 June 2014

Twenty MPs were picked in the Private Members Bill Ballot. These MPs are given the opportunity to put forward a bill of their choice before Parliament. We joined forces with charity Living Streets to lead a coalition of organisations supporting the introduction of a Pavement Parking Bill.

After hearing from thousands of Guide Dogs supporters two out of the twenty MPs selected in the Private Members Bill Ballot chose pavement parking as the issue they would like to address in their own bill. This means Martin Horwood MP’s bill would introduce a law in England and Wales  prohibiting pavement parking except in specially designated areas. Mark Lazarowicz MP’s bill would allow all necessary permissions for the Scottish equivalent to this bill to be finally progressed through the Scottish Parliament.

  •  March 2014

At the end of March 2014 we released the results of two surveys supporting our calls for a Pavement Parking law across the UK. The first was conducted by YouGov and showed 69% of the public supported the idea. The second was a survey by GUIDE Consultancy which showed support for such a law from 8 out of 10 local councillors.

  • 4 February 2014

Julian Huppert MP hosted a parliamentary debate on the issue of pavement parking.

  • September and October 2013

We took ‘Street Clutter Mini Golf’ to the Liberal Democrat, Labour and Conservative Party Conferences. Part of the message we spread to MPs at this event was the need for a UK wide law on pavement parking.

Local teams started working with councils and police across the UK to tackle individual pavement parking ‘hotspots’. You can download our leaflet and help spread the word in your local area too.

  • July 2013

Throughout July 2013 we ran the Streets Ahead Survey of 1,600 people. The results clearly showed pavement parking was the number one street clutter item with 9 out of 10 respondents saying they encountered this problem regularly.

  • January 2013

The Parking Attitudes Survey by YouGov showed 54% of motorists admit to parking on the pavement, over half of whom admit to doing so despite realising the problems it causes for pedestrians

  • 24 January 2013

The final proposal for the Responsible Parking (Scotland) Bill was presented to the Scottish Parliament. It gathered huge levels of support with 59 cross party MSPs backing the measure.

  • December 2012

Sandra White MSP first proposed the Responsible Parking (Scotland) Bill which was supported by several charities including Guide Dogs Scotland.

  • November 2011

The Cracking Under Pressure Report was released. This report was based on information provided by councils across the Uk and showed the financial impact of pavement parking when councils are forced to pay to repair cracked and broken paving slabs as a result of this practice.


Parking pop graphic of a van

"I have to walk beside a busy road to get to the bus stop and every day there is at least one vehicle parked on the pavement stopping me and my guide dog getting past and therefore we have to risk our lives going into the busy main road”

Lena, Guide dog owner