Street Clutter

Take Action! Write to your Newspaper about Street Clutter!

Guide Dog owner on high street with guide dog

Help us clear up the UK's high streets by writing to your local newspapers about street clutter. Our survey last year showed street clutter such as shop advertising signs (A-Boards) and street cafe furniture are a real problem for pedestrians, and particularly for those who are blind or partially sighted. Please contact your local newspapers to promote the need for action in your area. 

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Are your high streets a cluttered nightmare? Do you struggle past a slalom of A-boards and randomly placed pavement cafes every time you visit the shops? Our survey last year showed 97% of those who are blind or partially sighted have problems with street clutter.

A clearer high street, where obstacles like A-boards and café furniture are placed consistently, leaving plenty of room for pedestrians to walk past, not only makes it a safer place for those who are blind or partially sighted, but also a nicer, more inviting place for all shoppers. 

Please help us bring this campaign into the public spotlight and encourage your local paper to run a campaign to get your council to act by writing to your local newspaper.


A-Boards graphic image

"People tend to think my guide dog is at fault but she has no way of avoiding many obstacles due to the pavements being so cluttered.”

Guide dog owner, Hemel Hempstead

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