Streets Ahead Campaign Resources

We have produced several campaign resources available for free download that should help you campaign locally for the Streets Ahead Campaign. Any questions about the campaign, setting up a local campaign group, or these resources should be emailed to us at

Streets Ahead Campaign Toolkit

Want to start campaigning on a Streets Ahead issue in your local area but not sure where to start? We’ve developed a toolkit to give you tips and information to support local campaigning on all issues covered by our Streets Ahead campaign. You can download a copy to start campaigning straight away!

Streets Ahead Toolkit (Word 52KB)

Streets Ahead Toolkit large print version (Word 54KB)

Streets Ahead Toolkit (PDF 2.5MB)


Pavement Parking leaflet

Download our leaflet to raise awareness of the problems pavement parking causes in your local area.

Christmas Pavement Parking leaflet

A festive version of our pavement parking leaflet to be used at Christmas time to raise awareness of this issue.

Top 10 Items of Street Clutter

This poster displays the top ten most common items of street clutter according to our 2013 Streets Ahead Survey. Download it and use it to educate people in your local area about the problems everyday street clutter causes.

Five steps to get Streets Ahead for Guide Dogs

This leaflet contains advice on everyday steps neighbours can take to ensure a street is safe and clear for pedestrians.