Government gives red light to pelican crossings

1 December 2014

Pelican crossings will no longer Two guide dog owners walking over a pedestrian crossingbe installed by local councils due to safety concerns highlighted by a coalition of organisations, including Guide Dogs.

Guide Dogs recently responded to a Government consultation on the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD) 2015, calling for the removal of pelican crossings from the TSRGD in favour of safer crossings. The TSRGD sets out the design and conditions of use of official traffic signs in England, Scotland and Wales and, as a member of the Give Us Time to Cross campaign, Guide Dogs supported the removal of pelican crossings in favour of more crossings with detectors (puffin and pedex crossings). Crossings with detectors have a clear advantage in that they allow pedestrians extra time to cross if required.

Guide Dogs Senior Public Affairs Officer Jennifer Keen said "Blind and partially sighted people may, in some circumstances, need extra time to cross the road, making it particularly important that pedestrian crossings are able to take account of walking speed. We're delighted that the Government have taken note of our call to remove pelican crossings from the TSRGD in favour of safer crossings."

This will not mean the removal of current pelican crossings, but they will no longer be available as an option for new pedestrian crossings. If you would like further information please get in touch at

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