MPs have happy memories of Guide Dogs' "Streets Ahead" Party Conference stand

Nick Clegg Guidedogs Campaigns300A recent survey of MPs undertaken by nfpSynergy relating to the 2013 Party Conferences revealed Guide Dogs topped the list of charities who impressed at party conference in 2013. Guide Dogs, and our "Streets Ahead" golf challenge were named by 9% of MPs polled, with the next being Prostate Cancer UK at 6%.

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The MPs were not prompted with a range of options prior to their response, which makes the results all the more remarkable. Additionally, MPs weren't polled until 20 November - 16 December, so a long time from when we first teed off in Glasgow. This shows that we made a lasting impression.

The executive summary by nfpSynergy stated:

“When we asked MPs which charities had impressed them at party conferences and why, the standout element seemed to be creativity and interactivity. The most impressive charity for MPs at this year’s party conferences was Guide Dogs:

There were some brilliant comments from MPs, such as

• “Excellent interactive stand.” (Conservative MP)

• “Always creative.” (Lib Dem MP)

• “Interactive stall – fun and effective” (Other)

Several other charities were praised for having interactive stands (including Dementia UK and Prostate Cancer UK), ensuring that they were remembered well by MPs.