Streets Ahead Research

Over the years several items of research have been commissioned by Guide Dogs into issues covered by the Streets Ahead campaign. You will find a list of some of this research below.

Streets Ahead Survey, 2013 (Word 116kb)
A survey of 1,600 supporters carried out in June 2013 revealed the shocking extent of the problems street clutter causes, including that 9 out ten people experience problems with pavement parked cars.

Parking Attitudes Survey 2013
In January 2013 A YouGov survey into parking habits revealed over half of motorists’ park on the pavement.

Street Clutter Survey 2012 (High Street Audit) 2011
A series of audits carried out across the UK by Guide Dogs supporters reveals the best and worst high streets for street clutter.

Cracking Under Pressure 2011
Based on the results of a series of Freedom of Information requests this report shows the high repair costs for paving damaged by pavement parked vehicles.

Shared Surface Research

Scared Surfaces: The challenges faced by users of shared surface schemes, August 2017
This report examines the results of a survey conducted by Guide Dogs into the experiences of all road users on shared surface versus traditional streets. The report reveals worrying statistics about the accessibility and usability of shared surface streets for all road users, but particularly those with a disability.

Guidance on the Use of Tactile Paving Surfaces 2007
Department for Transport guidance on the use of tactile paving.

University College London, 'Effective Kerb Heights for Blind and Partially Sighted People' 2009 Word 537kb
University College London, 'Effective Kerb Heights for Blind and Partially Sighted People' 2009 PDF 477kb
Controlled tests of different kerb heights for people who are blind or partially sighted. Results support a minimum kerb height of 60mm.

TNS BRMB Impact Report 2010 Executive Report 133kb PDF
TNS BRMB Impact Report 2010 Full Report 372kb PDF
TNS BRMB Impact Report 2010 Full Report word 294kb
Survey of 500 people who are blind or partially sighted shows opinions on shared surfaces.

Inclusive Streets: Design Principles for Blind and Partially Sighted People 2010 PDF 525kb
A guide to principles for accessible street design, from shared surface streets to the need for clutter free streets.

Road and street crossings for blind and partially sighted people
This report looks into the importance of road crossings to blind and partially sighted pedestrians, as well as their experiences of shared space areas.

Safer Crossings Qualitative Research, October 2014
This research examines blind and partially sighted pedestrians experiences and awareness of different types of road crossings and their features.

The Importance of controlled crossings for people with sight loss
Using the experiences of people with sight loss, this guidance provides practical suggestions to ensure that modern street design is not only attractive but also accessible.


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