Talking Buses

New Bus Minister, new chance for Talking Buses?

Baroness Kramer is the new Minister responsible for buses at the Department for Transport (DfT). One of the first things she will be doing in her new role is responding to the Transport Select Committee's recommendation to make all new buses talking buses. Help us welcome Baroness Kramer to her new role and encourage her to make the rolling out of talking buses across the whole of the UK one of her first announcements at the DfT!

Are we nearly there yet?

A guide dog owner and guide dog get off a Talking Bus in London.

Buses play a vital role in enabling disabled people, including those who are blind or partially-sighted, to live more independent lives.  But the worry of not being sure if you have got on the right bus, where you are on your journey, or when your stop is coming up, puts many people off using them.

Guide Dogs is campaigning for a change in the law to make audio and visual information – including audible announcements of the current stop, next stop and final destination – available on board bus and coach services across the UK.

This will enable blind and partially-sighted people to use buses with confidence, and improve the experience of bus travel for all passengers