Employee volunteering packages

Volunteering at Guide Dogs - Working with your Employees to Transform Lives

A group of volunteers around a tractor

Developing a staff volunteering programme will help strengthen the commitment to responsible practice that embraces and nurtures skills from diverse backgrounds.

Strategic Benefits include:

For your Company:

  • Engaging with local community issuesTwo volunteers in a dog suit with a small child
  • Caring Corporate image & profile
  • Cost streamlining
  • Customer loyalty
  • Staff retention and recruitment
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improved staff morale
  • Staff development
  • Cross-functional working
  • Unite disparate work-force
  • Team building
  • Transferring business skills to community organisations

For your employees:

  • Health & well-being
  • Job satisfaction
  • Personal achievement
  • Personal contribution
  • Trust in the employer
  • Role diversification
  • Sense of belonging to their community

For Guide Dogs:

  • Increased awareness & understanding of our cause
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Project delivery
  • Increased funding
  • Staff development

Guide Dogs? Volunteering - linking with your strategic aims:

  • Team Building & Cross-functional Working: Sighted Awareness training to guide blind and partially sighted people at special events, challenge events and organising day trips for our Guide Dog owners; Painting, Decorating and Gardening at our centres, including building dog development areas, sensory and memorial gardens; and helping out our Guide Dog owners with much needed support such as erecting dog spending areas in their gardens. Example: A group of staff from HBOS in Edinburgh took part in sighted guide training and organised a trip for local Guide Dog owners to go Christmas shopping to buy surprises for their nearest and dearest
  • Staff Retention & Well-Being: boarding and caring for dogs in training at evenings and weekends; supporting puppy walking schemes; helping out at kennels and dog training sites; Cheering, marshalling and taking part in our events.
  • Community Contribution, DDA compliance & CSR objectives: Community Recycling Champions; Befriending blind and partially sighted people in their communities; sight-awareness training.  Example: Staff from Yorkshire Water took part in sight-awareness training in order to ensure that their traffic-works were set up in a VI-friendly way, and that they were able to escort blind and partially sighted members of the public safely around these areas.
  • Staff Development & Improved Morale: Mentoring, training & support opportunities for Guide Dogs staff; support of marketing, PR and Admin teams; supporting our campaigns; joining a local Guide Dogs branch and organising fundraising activities. Example: A colleague from John Lewis in Sheffield was seconded to work on a Guide Dogs project for a 3-month term organising and running road-shows in the local area to increase the puppy walking scheme and other volunteering opportunities. The secondment proved so successful that it was extended.

For more information on how your company can work with Guide Dogs on an Employee Volunteering Scheme, please contact:

People Resourcing Office on 0845 371 7771 or email volunteer@guidedogs.org.uk and put 'employee volunteering' in the subject line.