Where your money goes

  • 80p could help feed a guide dog for a day.
  • £2 could buy a dog bowl to feed a hungry pup after a hard day's work
  • £5 could support a working guide dog partnership for a day
  • £6  could pay for microchipping for one of our new guide dog puppies
  • £7 could buy a collar for a working guide dog
  • £10 could buy a grooming kit to keep a guide dog looking and feeling great!
  • £15 could buy a lead for use in basic guide dog training or for a working partnership
  • £18 could buy a harness handle, the medium through which the guide dog owner feels where their dog is headed
  • £25 could buy a white harness, the iconic symbol of a fully qualified guide dog
  • £50 could buy an Off to School Kit for a puppy moving into puppy walking training
  • £95 could buy a Training School Kit for a guide dog starting training at training school
  • £140 could buy a Starter Kit for a new guide dog owner

This is only the start. Our guide dog and mobility services costs nearly £50m per year to run – and that doesn’t include what we invest in other support services, research or campaigning for the rights of blind and partially sighted people.

Think you can help?

See our Donate to Guide Dogs page for more information. You can also call our Supporter Careline on 0800 953 0113. We’re available between 9am and 5pm weekdays.


Overview Brochure - Changing Lives

Changing Lives - Overview brochure 24 page Guide to Guide Dogs PDF 2MB