My Guide

A My Guide volunteer helps a lady with a visual impairment in a shop

Our My Guide service trains volunteers to use sighted guiding techniques to help people with sight loss get out of their homes and back into the community to do the things that they want to do.

My Guide Partnerships match trained volunteers with people with sight loss, helping them to get out, improving confidence, fitness and mobility.

My Guide Friends and Family partnerships provide sighted guiding training to the close support networks of people with sight loss, giving them the skills and confidence to support their loved ones.

My Guide Open for Business trains staff in hospitals, large national retailers, transport companies and other customer-facing organisations to use sighted guiding techniques to make their organisations more accessible to people with sight loss.

My Guide Assist is the eco-system improvement element of the My Guide service where we aim to make a positive impact on our local environment. We provide basic sighted guiding training and information about how sight loss affects people’s lives to members of the public, enabling them to use their skills in everyday life to support people with sight loss in the community.

Since mid 2014, every mobility team has had a My Guide Ambassador whose role is to promote and develop the service in their local area.

863 new My Guide partnerships started during 2014.

6,474 people completed My Guide Level 1 training. We estimate that these people, and those we have trained in previous years, used their skills more than 33,000 times to help people with sight loss.

855 people completed Level 2 training, qualifying them to support someone as part of a My Guide partnership.

We trained 164 people as My Guide practitioners, enabling them to provide My Guide training to other volunteers. In 2014 we trained 6474 people to become My Guide volunteers.