Lucky Lottery winners

Here are the results of the Guide Dogs Lucky Lottery for the week ending Friday 27 May 2016.

Congratulations to all the winners!

1st Prize of £1,000

3221621 Mrs J Hunt, Poole 

2nd Prize of £200

2472350 Mrs F Anderson, Borehamwood

3rd Prize of £150

7708370 Dr P Amies, Oxford

4th Prize of £100

3534884 Mrs A Rosenfield, Altrincham

5th Prize of £50

4546188 Mrs M B Dilworth, Preston

Lucky Lottery Runners Up

6399539 Mrs  Barrington, Didcot
4446284 Mrs  Richardson, Stockton-On-Tees
9311689 Mrs M Vernon, Moffat
6537654 Mrs  Starr, Devizes
4224548 Mrs M Williams, Southampton
8007497 Mrs F Parker, Bristol
203832 Mrs  Rich, Faringdon
2564050 Mr N Smith, Erith
2031102 Mrs M Jeffry, Porthcawl
4859007 Mrs G Cockram, Plymouth
9076169 Mrs H Moore, Rochdale
2852429 Mrs S Daft, Boston
8580432 Mr D Morton, Lowestoft
154453 Ms L Miron, Reading
558585 Miss S Roberts, Kettering
5311163 Mr A Heuston, Penryn
8052692 Mrs J Roberts, Stockport
1044369 Mrs L Barron, Barnsley
3503080 Ms D Eccles, Lancs
5793808 Mrs J Smith, Woking
2020241 Mr K Imrie, Montrose
3462662 Mrs B Willis, Buxton
2909068 Mrs A Parkes, Sherborne
767045 Mr G R Slack, Mansfield
9132315 Mr  Hill, Rhyl
688144 Mr I Hogg, Nottingham
752934  D Newman, Harrogate
9095160 Mr J Walker, Dartford
3347320 Mrs  Cowie, Welling
236363 Mrs C McCann, King'S Lynn
847980 Mrs H Dennis, Nottingham
3738192 Mrs C MacKay, Royston
8799267 Miss W Gingel, Portsmouth
4201577 Mr K Dixon, Lancaster
122133 Mrs N McCormack, Canvey Island
5548134 Mr M Hickin, Thornton Cleveleys
7339390 Mr C Barrow, Derby
992097 Mrs M Lewis, Marlborough
7651494 Mr W Edgerton, Stockport
3695386 Mr R Lee, Exeter
8261069 Mr A Catt, King'S Lynn
1261472 Mr  Misrahi, Peacehaven
319904 Mr R King, Glasgow
5995679 Mr W Clarke, Sheffield
5140962 Mr S Besant, Gillingham
4627809 Mrs S Garrett, Milton Keynes
1767122 Mr R Osborne, Chatham
567433 Mr A Wray, Gravesend
6424727 Mrs S Wilkins, Bedford
338328 Mrs B McElroy, Alexandria
9337607 Mrs H Barnett, Surbiton
2744479 Mrs M Sarsfield, Leeds
864355 Mr T J Lee, Tamworth
4478880 Mr K Clarke, Amersham
3376426 Mrs M Williams, Stafford
4487022 Mrs D Thomas, Shoreham By Sea
9270849 Mr J N Hillier, Charlton
1371374 Mrs J Hodgson, Harpenden
7701171 Miss A Douglas, Gloucester
4844797 Ms H Auty, London
9197619 Miss I Pepper, Leicester
8517292 Mr B Naish, Liverpool
2890461 Ms M Green, Blackpool
3388732  J Edwards, Stoke-On-Trent
874172 Mrs E Young, Basingstoke
4827564 Mr  Lillington, Wincanton
3275562 Mr  Gray, Sleaford
5188498 Mrs  Sargeant, Walsall
484229 Mrs M Cowie, Newtonstewart
5287711 Mr G Norman, Haltwhistle
7744982 Miss S Connolly, Wigan
3633376 Mrs  Creasy, Gatwick
4859454 Mrs R Wilde, Southampton
8488655 Miss L Gibbs, Waltham Abbey
5388682 Mr P Saul, Bromsgrove
5927659 Mrs J Fox, Glasgow
496269 Mrs A McKenzie, Edinburgh
1604822 Mr C Levy, Newark
3396824 Mr P Phipps, Washington
9395473 Mr & Mrs  Child, Wednesbury
4922918 Ms S Sweeney, Norwich
4917244 Mr  Clint, Yateley
1389364 Miss L Berry, Mansfield
5519177 Mrs B Correy, Orkney
4625307 Mr  Clancey, Loughton
6419669 Mr G Evans, Chesterfield
3140496 Mrs H Berry, Manchester
74460 Mrs B Myers, Chatham
6866354 Mrs J Jeavons, Wolverhampton
2958449 Mrs L McCarthy, Belfast
7704636 Mr T Hancock, Chichester
8241155 Mrs E M Coates, Skipton
191544 Mrs G Emsley, Congleton
6248659 Mr L Swain, Guisborough
2759806 Dr G Ford, Luton


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