Lucky Lottery winners

Here are the results of the Guide Dogs Lucky Lottery, for the week ending Friday 27 November 2015.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Lucky Lottery winners

1st Prize of £1,000 
649935 Matron P Pledge, Hope Valley

2nd Prize of £200
3924256 Mrs A Bray, Norwich

3rd Prize of £150
3710595 Miss S Higham, Harrogate

4th Prize of £100
9153583 Mr T Delieu, Rochester

5th Prize of £50
6738915 Miss N Anderson, Ely


Lucky Lottery Runners Up

7372571 Mrs E Graham, Stockton-On-Tees
4693951 Mrs P Newman, Glasgow
9415951 Mr Bissett, Shepton Mallet
8421215 Miss C Andrews, Woodbridge
2728569 Mrs K Flarry, Liphook
2147039 Mr A Burton, Weymouth
4358904 Mrs G Scott, Rochester
8320891 Mr M Anderson, Halifax
1205006 Mr G Dawe, Buckhurst Hill
6133519 Miss J Bevan, Swansea
5636246 Mr R Dale, Manchester
3845121 Mrs Tweedale, Bewdley
7298074 Miss A Geddes, Westray
9992094 Mrs M Ordish, Leeds
1710343 Mr I Massey, Northwich
874629 Miss A Oldfield, Abingdon
2831457 Mr N Beeson, Ilkley
4506399 Mrs G Barker, Royston
143405 Mr P Smith, Skelmersdale
7905033 Mr D Allen, Stockton-On-Tees
7879339 Mr P Curtis, Lincoln
2694237 Mr M Gilchrist, Hull
836974 Mrs F McLachlan, Cairndow
253335 Mrs M Turner, Darvel
9561488 Mr I Clarkson, Middlesbrough
5138462 Mr Cowell, Folkestone
494435 Mr R Hall, Kettering
2512838 Mr B Cullinan, Leamington Spa
273147 Ms G McGregor, Canterbury
6936219 Mrs Townsend, Buckingham
2384341 Mr D Muir, Blairgowrie
6442093 Mrs M Turtlebury, Colchester
7667955 Miss Din, Southall
6576616 Mrs J Kingsley-Morris, Bristol
238307 Mrs D Usher, Witham
6889480 Mr L Robson, Rochester
6305946 Mrs R Milburn, Bootle
5969108 Mrs P Cobern, Brierley Hill
464068 Ms J Oliver, Shoreham-By-Sea
9577900 Ms E Hollywood-Bradshaw, Sale
8499999 Mr J Marshall, Leeds
3542626 Mr C Hodgson, Motherwell
1992527 Mr A McCourt, Dunfernline
4126637 Mr Brock, Kingston Upon Thames
1823426 Ms J Johnson, Warrington
295278 Mrs P Hill, Newmarket
6768501 Miss J Chapman, Rochester
4690729 Mrs C Riley, Peterborough
2338092 Mrs J Royston, Buckingham
386595 Mrs W Hull, Gravesend
7151762 Mrs E Goode, Verwood
3512851 Mr A Rahma, Salford
2805933 Mrs K Wilson, Reading
113029 Mr Keasey, Halesowen
4361881 Miss D Bartley, Nottingham
8933974 Mrs P Wiseman, Wilmslow
8682356 Mrs P Barry, Sidcup
8641684 Miss B Potter, Midhurst
4604407 Mrs Cordeaux, Gainsborough
146861 Mrs J Bray, Wallingford
9112859 Mrs C Waldron, Rochester
1573046 Mr A Thompson, Derby
6157664 Mrs Hunt, West Bromwich
844501 Mrs Brynin, Neath
6875754 Mr D Brownhill, Richmond
3952174 Miss J Elmes, Plymouth
5954874 Mrs M Jewell, Bideford
3025501 Mrs C Brown, Dunfermline
5873217 Mr K Cottam, Lincoln
509036 Miss A Winter, Leeds
7556229 Mrs A Smith, Cheltenham
9615767 Mr R Dexter, Rochdale
3742786 Mrs M Nash, Upminster
3342007 Mrs B Mason, Blackpool
2108247 Mr M Stewart, Glasgow
3517218 Miss D Passingham, Hoddesdon
1139804 Mr A Ashbridge, Maryport
8155459 Miss S Glen, Buckhurst Hill
2689095 Mr S Easton, Cwmbran
9834528 Mrs P Sudlow, Northwich
441294 Mrs P Huntley, Waterlooville
5228136 Mrs J Fernbank, Banbury
3803067 Mr D Beever, Leeds
8655362 Mrs E Wilson, York
5090075 Mrs V Watson, Norwich
3331737 Mr Heaney, Rugby
251719 Miss L Gray, Epsom
6929466 Mr B Hoare, Dronfield
9811869 Mr R Halford, Northfield
6253692 Mrs Adam, Plymouth
7615704 Mrs L MacPherson, Glasgow
5313056 Mr A Ealey, Chatham
3807971 Mr A Hayward, Looe
3524574 Miss A Chudleigh, Manchester
7414500 Mr R Reddington, Gillingham


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