Lucky Lottery winners

Here are the results of the Guide Dogs Lucky Lottery, for the week ending Friday 24 October. Congratulations to all the winners!

Lucky lottery winners

1st Prize of £1,000
325274 Mrs E Telford, North Shields

2nd Prize of £200
220725 Mrs P Ottewell, Chorley

3rd Prize of £150
608822 Mr B Hunter, Bognor Regis

4th Prize of £100
670904 Mr & Mrs K & J H Wills, Bristol

5th Prize of £50
420960 Mrs M Lyons, Paisley

Lucky Lottery Runners Up

95 prizes of £10

6920805 Mrs  Ward, London
9175241 Mrs C Clark, Edinburgh
9012819 Mrs S Clarke, Reading
2254584 Mrs  Tylke, Truro
4873487 Miss S Keable, Shrewsbury
1115778 Miss C Gilroy, Doncaster
794897 Mr R Wallace, Stoke-On-Trent
2539935 Mrs M Morris, Oldham
6341182 Mrs S Winger, London
3666061 Mr D Dagley, Solihull
18676 Mr N Edwards, Mold
4427001 Mr J Walker, Telford
876278 Mrs J Bell, Edinburgh
8266110 Mrs K Harnesen, Cardiff
8111623 Mrs D Lawrie, Birmingham
834263 Mrs M White, London
6925735 Mrs  Carden, Great Missenden
4463906 Miss K Evans, Keighley
23905 Mrs S Marriott, Eastbourne
879418 Miss A Nairn, Denny
1291766 Miss M Cutler, Kenilworth
167253 Mrs E Dumper, Salisbury
5470602 Miss V A Kirk, Chard
3623547 Mr P Taylor, Lincoln
906619 Ms LP Crockford, Callington
3675089 Mr M Kelly, Mansfield
304533 Mr R Holmes, Beccles
758069 Mrs V Arnold, Crowthorne
9539622 Miss I Clark, Dudley
231794 Mrs L Champion, Caversham
6564969 Mr J Walling, Bury
3913988 Mr M Murphy, Leamington Spa
577022 Mrs R Mooney, Altrincham
317584 Mrs C Russell, Chelmsford
201692 Mrs D Stannard, Taunton
9978086 Mrs V Leigh, Andover
5931400 Mr K Whittaker, Liverpool
2796915 Mr  Edwards, Maidstone
5840345 Mr D Rowe, Upminster
5768457 Mrs J Malins, Chessington
9295217 Mrs  Murphy, West Wickham
5328524 Mr  Bowyer, Feltham
697835 Mrs J Ball, Aylesbury
8153785 Mrs C Bailey, York
9362587 Mrs K Fitzsimons, Linlithgow
481530 Mrs H R Welcome, Brentwood
938917 Mrs F L Alban, Sedbergh
9606927 Mr M Mallery, Watford
8685867 Mr M Leader, Wallingford
39868 Miss  Murphy, Omagh
2515374 Mrs E Wright, Wakefield
906434 Mrs M A Stocks, Middlesbrough
9807860 Captain  Kharegat, Arundel
897126 Mr R Hodgson, Manchester
7936448 Mrs M Dilks, Market Harborough
2218481 Ms A Evanovich, Leicester
4138714 Mrs L Luton, Radstock
510218 Mrs R Venables, Norwich
1725591 Mrs E Shipton, Stonehouse
7226663 Dr G Bailey, Hyde
1283431 Mrs G M Sheppard, Salisbury
9290332  D Lawson, Stockton-On-Tees
119311 Mrs M Scott, Glasgow
918964 Mrs JH Bell, Chester
9550850 Dr A Wroe, Edinburgh
1317194 Mrs  Firth, Whitland
274419 Miss J Leopold, Manchester
9621305 Mrs J Sharp, Grantham
2670979 Mr P McReath, Johnstone
368435 Miss L M Overton, Beverley
3686963 Mr B Doust, Swindon
4089986 Mr  Holdom, Seaford
5046626 Mr  Gates, Broxbourne
8262368 Mrs E Robertson, Bathgate
7453013 Mr P R Rowe, Hassocks
7611129 Dr J Jordan, Stockton-On-Tees
5161170 Miss C Pemberton, Gateshead
1026222 Mrs D Chapman, Blaydon-On-Tyne
969046 Mrs M Ibbotson, Middlesbrough
423527 Mrs D Fitzgerald, Yelverton
9267755 Mrs J Allaway, Farnham
359831 Mr D Evans, Windlesham
3869068 Mr D Mearns, Aberdeen
534543 Mrs P Fearon, Dunfermline
8052816 Mrs  Wilson, Leicester
9197619 Miss I Pepper, Leicester
3322570 Mrs  Ockleston, Malpas
8241430 Mr  Rusca, Deeside
4071836 Mrs O Short, Honiton
9368565 Mrs F Wylie, Inverness
2116353 Mrs M Budby, Skegness
3224010 Mrs  Prime, Bridgend
6193322 Mrs P Almack, Thirsk
2653016 Mrs B Brown, Stourport On Severn
7990633 Miss  Salmean, Creagorry


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