Lucky Lottery winners

Here are the results of the Guide Dogs Lucky Lottery for the week ending Friday 29 April 2016.

Congratulations to all the winners!

1st Prize of £1,000

3591029 Ms J Henneker, Maidstone

2nd Prize of £200

451945 Mr L Marshall, Hull

3rd Prize of £150

9910886 Mr J Marsh, Brentwood

4th Prize of £100

426127 Ms M Johnstone, Juniper Green

5th Prize of £50

6576912 Mrs M Bailey, Gillingham

Lucky Lottery Runners Up

9893095 Miss S Taylor, Walsall
8614283 Mr  White, Bath
9821483 Mr S Smith, St Albans
9792052 Mr W Harris, Leeds
5798203 Mrs E Rothwell, Fordingbridge
253335 Mrs M Turner, Darvel
8856540 Mr D Hodgson, Lincoln
6086872 Mrs M Ryan, Sheffield
2723922 Mr N Maxwell, Sutton Coldfield
4059639 Mrs A Ryan, Pontypool
5996049 Mr R Ballans, Alford
67057 Mrs C Guest, Hook
6208743 Mr M Smith, Coventry
9703027 Mrs D Cope, Portishead
839774 Mrs P Colquhoun, Glasgow
381725 Mrs S. M Stephenson, Shoreham
8592655 Ms A Collins, Filey
9652962 Mrs A Melling, Morpeth
9029378 Mrs H Spezycki, Ilford
882524 Mrs Y Swiffen, Taunton
5540305 Mrs F Edgar, Shipley
3367850 Mrs S Pendlebury, Hamilton
3594580 Mr K Morley, Manchester
903952 Mrs  Young, Glasgow
8181619 Mrs A Carlton, Wetherby
4487797 Mrs S Seddon, Grimsby
6757441 Mr N Wain, Nottingham
4044032 Mrs H Martin, Darlington
7978382 Mrs M Ramsey, Fivemiletown
2226945 Mrs V Oliver, Burton On Trent
2569381 Mrs E Foster, Leven
3218795 Mr T. R Whitlam, Warrington
2945977 Mr A Kirkham, Horley
2649584 Ms J Barnard, Swaffham
304388 Mrs F Rutherford, London
676477 Miss P. J. Rentell, London
185629 Mrs N Pattison, Bracknell
744085 Mrs B Howe, Bedlington
3470973 Mrs  Wolstenholme, Stratford-Upon-Avon
4446284 Mrs  Richardson, Stockton-On-Tees
5616953 Mr S Roberts, Stoke On Trent
9262496 Mrs  Tilbrook, London
3640729 Mrs A Leonard, Omagh
2453903 Mrs A Mellor, March
463281 Mrs R Morgan, Lightwater
8394425 Miss  Gudmunsen, Padstow
7181528 Mrs  Smith, Peterborough
2960014 Mr M Dowling, Longfield
262663 Mrs S Normyle, Manchester
4941839 Miss S Williams, Swansea
6704864 Mrs A Milne, Helston
7565179 Mr J Dyason, Rochester
598466 Mrs J Arnold, Royston
9221343 Mr R Dodsworth, Barnsley
513679 Mrs M Hill, Stafford
8407159 Mrs R Hunter, Spalding
334389 Ms B Hadden, By Airdrie
5441513 Mrs E Payne, Kettering
9756676 Mrs M Ellison, Manchester
3579350 Mrs C Pendergast, Worthing
9142874 Mrs E Courtney, London
4127507 Mr G Mangham, Rochester
1642936 Mrs S Sheldon, Preston
534421 Ms R Taylor, Blackpool
2348768 Mrs A Payne, Witney
8043825 Mrs T Creedon, Rickmansworth
10727 Mrs M Emmett, Leeds
169116 Mr B Mothe, Crewe
7864917 Mr J Plaszyca, Chipping Norton
4097521 Ms M Scrace, Saltburn-By-The-Sea
3956937 Mrs L. A. Duggins, Chesterfield
7219215 Mrs E Cretella, Bournemouth
2236386 Mrs M Graham, Reigate
6651341 Mr J Geeson, Wallingford
3838938 Mr A Parnell, Hayling Island
2911911 Miss P Haddy, Manchester
686190 Mrs J Strange, Axbridge
1275054 Mrs J Clifford, Port Talbot
4063017 Ms M Chambers, Faversham
9362171 Mr I Oakey, Newport
5807501 Mrs R Pike, Reading
5888575 Mrs S Tomlin, Birmingham
1931998 Mrs R Lipa, Richmond
157973 Mr A Oldfield, Halstead
594050 Mrs K Newby, Colchester
9107926 Mr M Harkin, Cradley Heath
6793203 Mr M Potter, Brighton
6875754 Mr D Brownhill, Richmond
1415284 Mr J Lynch, Birmingham
6914847 Mrs P Shepherd, Aberdeen
2411864 Miss A Gemmell, Bristol
5157122 Mr  Bater, Chelmsford
4945645 Mr J Baker, Broadstairs
621983 Mr P Tillett, Gillingham
601400 Miss C Wallace, Edinburgh


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