Lucky Lottery winners

Here are the results of the Guide Dogs Lucky Lottery, for the week ending Friday 19 November. Congratulations to all the winners!

Lucky lottery winners

1st Prize of £1,000
2879587 Mrs A Meredith, Avon

2nd Prize of £200
3288810 Mrs G Blackman, Tyne and Wear

3rd Prize of £150
9882883 Mrs E Strudwick, Wiltshire

4th Prize of £100
9126885 Mrs  Harris, Worcestershire

5th Prize of £50
413827 Mrs A Gould, Dorset

Lucky Lottery Runners Up

95 prizes of £10

774125 Mr S James, Essex
8272278 Mrs  Wilson, Berkshire
5294975 Mrs K MacKinnon, Ayrshire
7101725 Mrs  Harrison, West Yorkshire
275172 Mrs E Green, Worcestershire
756522 Mr J Curtis, Lincolnshire
3105174 Mr M Haney, Essex
2678109 Mrs J Hyams, Northamptonshire
901437 Mr  Wade, South Yorkshire
295278 Mrs PA Hill, Suffolk
4240476 Miss A Blenkinsop, Merseyside
1438288 Miss FM De Souza,
1175849 Mr T Pennick, Suffolk
7458607 Mrs N Heap, West Yorkshire
1465016 Mr R Airey, Lancashire
7251393 Mrs U Bishop, Worcestershire
9480634 Miss J Wall,
599540 Mr P Ward, Nottinghamshire
4427979 Mrs P Ledbury, Avon
797371 Mr T Munch-Petersen,
7659181 Mrs J Evans, Gwent
2888948 Mrs G Bracken,
1080310 Mrs N Pollard, Merseyside
8893675 Mrs P Jagger, West Yorkshire
8143094 Ms S Horsfall, North Yorkshire
1312500 Miss K Briggs, Leicestershire
8838847 Mr TA Kemp, West Yorkshire
842066 Mr G Grant, Essex
941318 Mrs A Arton, Buckinghamshire
6865995 Miss T Rees,
3401317 Mrs S Roberts, Cambridgeshire
498708 Mrs J H Wood, Kent
3826330 Mr M Parkes, Nottinghamshire
6119858 Mrs C Drake, Avon
6843362 Miss L Tuffin, Somerset
138374 Ms P I Hills, Essex
821168 Mr & Mrs R&V Edworthy, Devon
5786168 Mrs H Whitelock, Cleveland
198326 Mr J Gigg, Buckinghamshire
8546294 Ms T Wall, Warwickshire
3810925 Miss P Pearson, West Yorkshire
4334588 Mrs L Lewis, West Midlands
334250 Mr & Mrs H & M Edwards, Lancashire
7534099 Miss L Tatam, Kent
2234362 Mrs J Moore, Orkney
7569237 Mrs B Fotheringham, Suffolk
7190725 Mrs L Urwin, West Yorkshire
1359830 Miss CA Kay,
3365001 Ms  Merrony, Worcestershire
8791768 Mr I Hern, Buckinghamshire
4300466 Mrs H Temple, Cumbria
9144742 Mrs J Burrows,
194204 Mrs M Robinson, Lancashire
1342124 Mr  Tratt, Hampshire
4784798 Mrs L Urwin, West Yorkshire
1972851 Ms D Robinson, North Yorkshire
4703944 Mrs S Thomas, West Yorkshire
4553754 Mrs M Ramsey,
1923866 Mrs V Tomlinson,
6677480 Mr C Simion, Warwickshire
5356023 Mr  Abbott, Suffolk
4857801 Mrs L Miller, Orkney
5950843 Mr  Hipgrave, Essex
6564924 Mrs C Johns, Lincolnshire
1273448 Mrs  Macbean, Gloucestershire
4216128 Mr  Astell, Surrey
786922 Mr R Fisher, West Midlands
7547251 Mr G Waldron, West Sussex
248686 Mr B Molin, West Sussex
2940338 Mrs D Garrett, RTT
8994618 Mr B Halladey, Essex
452820 Mrs D Lyon, Devon
6917636 Mrs S Scannell, Oxfordshire
7767417 Miss C Marshall, Norfolk
3295287 Mrs K Findon, Aberdeenshire
244732 Mrs J Holland, Renfrewshire
3245400 Miss E Elias, Mid Glamorgan
733368 The  Secretary, Essex
3733313 Mrs S Duffy, Northamptonshire
930396 Mr M Evans,
5971743 Mrs V Johnstone, Aberdeenshire
8968282 Mrs M Smith,
5915468 Mrs A Thornton,
3461295 Mrs C Wells, South Humberside
709577 Mrs L Lee, Cumbria
409917 Mrs J Wilkinson, Hertfordshire
4699617 Miss K Francis, Hampshire
8585026 Mrs J Northen, Lincolnshire
7299109 Mr B Nash, Cambridgeshire
396670 Mrs M Pulford, North Yorkshire
5244425 Mrs D Morrell, Cleveland
3127764 Miss A Holroyd, West Yorkshire
8888213 Mrs C Kelsey, Cleveland
9594142 Mr C Russell, Gloucestershire
788048 Mr  Boyce, Somerset


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