Lucky Lottery winners

Here are the results of the Guide Dogs Lucky Lottery, for the week ending Friday 31st July 2015.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Lucky Lottery winners

1st Prize of £1,000
3321443 Mrs O Harriman, London

2nd Prize of £200
12466 Mrs C Walker, Chester Le Street

3rd Prize of £150
8339419 Mrs H Chadwick, Rotherham

4th Prize of £100
1349444 Mr C Canterbury, Wakefield

5th Prize of £50
1439311 Mr A Mcgeachy, Glasgow


Lucky Lottery Runners Up

4588585 Mrs C Newton, Sevenoaks
4350111 Mrs C Marshall, Gravesend
1161282 Mrs D Mahabir, Shrewsbury
6946970 Mrs G M Jonas, Norwich
6882642 Ms  Korn, Caernarfon
5027394 Mrs  Rhodes, Lewes
1150698 Mrs R Bowden, Exeter
6445716 Mrs C Millar, Perth
5715741 Mrs A Walmsley, Spalding
2415273 Mrs F Pengelly, Market Harborough
1828711 Mrs E Measey, Gillingham
4328731 Mr A Wardle, Christchurch
768451 Mr R Longden, Birmingham
4003965 Mrs  Taylor, London
321528 Mr P J Wilson, Bury St. Edmunds
9967207 Mrs D Crolla, Edinburgh
5724252 Mr  Adams, Barnstaple
4307019 Miss P Richards, Blackpool
7585776 Mrs C Howard, Gloucester
5797444 Mrs  Douglas, Warwick
9758114 Mr A W Ross, Glasgow
1352441 Mr R Hathaway, Manchester
7393045 Mr J Mills, Nuneaton
3921480 Mrs E Reynolds, Coulsdon
397049 Mr C Caple, Kidlington
5324668 Mrs J Sheffield, Cheddar
3934123 Mr I Pearson, Rushden
9767184 Mrs  Martin, Norwich
2515369 Mrs  Cope, Hailsham
2015272 Miss M McCaughey, Dumbarton
3727472 Mrs H Turner, Pudsey
7518992 Mrs M I Harrison, Nottingham
7776821 Mr I Margetts, Chatham
5893638 Mr R Semple, Cambridge
7456320 Mr B Jennians, Southport
6002198 Mrs P A Bickell, Hockley
881862 Mrs M W Birchley, Birmingham
7954062 Mrs T Phillips, Bishops Stortford
7132489 Miss G Dowdall, Dronfield
9419419 Mrs K Delahoy, March
9221518 Mr M Leggett, Newark
2604449 Miss A J Major, Leicester
471132 Mrs A Robertson, Glasgow
4600335 Mrs M Dixon, Leeds
9848408 Mr  Evans, Llanelli
8713210 Mr N Marston, Leeds
2310190 Mrs K Luper, Olney
1572849 Ms  Bartholomew, Halifax
2356307 Ms J Thomas, Glasgow
7299155 Mrs M Bee, Bury St Edmunds
896093 Mr B Hilton, Ellesmere Port
5931400 Mr K Whittaker, Liverpool
5348613 Mr T Temple, Middlesbrough
6460947 Mrs Y S Hudson, Shepperton
959421 Mrs G Owens, Hereford
8311580 Mrs S Shakeshaft, Leamington Spa
4389967 Mr J O'Brien, Leeds
6085834 Mr P D Murton, Grantham
5919209 Mr A Hood, Gravesend
8091438 Mrs G Shakespeare, Lemington Spa
5178196 Mr K Satterly, Leicester
4420002 Mrs  Brunner, Crieff
9653733 Mr C Abbey, Dudley
715273 Ms J Young, Solihull
8236663 Mrs E Gray, Arbroath
6573975 Mrs R Daniels, Aylesbury
5795131 Mrs J Smith, Mansfield
4736698 Mr  Buck, Sheffield
5337807 Miss B J Jones, Aberystwyth
8947816 Mr N Whitaker, Barnet
7556360 Mrs  Coutts, Dagenham
662619 Mrs K M Francis, Abingdon
95310 Mrs S James, Stafford
212751 Mrs J Metcalfe, Aberdeen
9315968 Miss S Louden, Dudley
3289279 Mrs A Greenfield, Rye
2311062 Miss C Kime, London
8893558 Mr C Pearce, Solihull
3767779 Mrs C Sizer, Burntwood
2136269 Mr D Corcoran, Leeds
3644984 Mrs  Houltby, Boston
3779679 Mr K Greenfield, Neston
9231458 Mrs K Palmer, Stourport On Severn
700599 Mrs H McRae, Tain
585327 Ms P Limb, Rotherham
552715 Mrs A Darville, Warwick
4710492 Mr R Hilton, Rochester
996187 Mr D James, Brimington
7711281 Mr  Williams, Pontyclun
9104900 Mrs W Brunger, Rochester
588141 Mrs M Johnson, Northwich
9543057 Mrs U S Sykes, Reading
1957449 Mrs M McClelland, Gillingham
9440437 Mr D Foster, Biggleswade
3450626 Mrs J L M Pritchard, Conwy






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