eBay for Charity

Sell an item

When selling an item on eBay you can donate a proportion of the final sale value to Guide Dogs. The amount you wish to donate is up to you.

To sell on eBay and donate

  • Register with eBay to start selling
  • List your item and
  • Choose what portion of your final sale value goes to your charity

More information on eBay for charity

Browse items with donations to Guide Dogs.

Buy a Guide Dogs item

You can support us when shopping by buying items marked with the eBay for Charity ribbon and sold in aid of Guide Dogs . To find those items visit our eBay shop here.

Donate at checkout

When you pay on eBay for an item you’ve won, you have the option to add a small donation to a featured charity. You can choose which charity you see at checkout on the “My Favourite Charities” page within your Account.

Your donation will be collected and delivered by MissionFish, eBay’s partner charity. Note that your donation will appear as a separate transaction, paid to MissionFish, in your PayPal account.


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