Bring your own skills

Have you got a skill or some experience that you’d like to share? Volunteer your skills for Guide Dogs

Then we want to know about it! We know our existing volunteers are a highly skilled bunch of people. And so there must be even more of you with your own skills and expertise out there that we haven’t even met yet.

Although we have lots of established roles, there are other ways you could volunteer. We would welcome any other skills and experience that you might be able to bring, whether it is from your current working life or a past role.

The list of potential skills and experience our volunteers bring is endless. But here are just a couple of examples:

  • Training skills

We’re proud to have the support of volunteer trainers to help deliver training to some of our other volunteers. We want to make sure all our volunteers are given the opportunity to learn about Guide Dogs, sight loss as well as their own role. So far, our volunteer trainers have helped to deliver our My Guide training to teach sighted guiding, speaker training to help share tips on speaking in public about Guide Dogs and driver training to show how some of our equipment works. If you are someone with experience in training, your knowledge and expertise could be a huge benefit to your local Guide Dogs team.

  • Photography

We all like to think we're a bit of a whizz with the camera. Until we look at the photos that is! At Guide Dogs, it is so important for us to raise awareness of what we do. Part of that is through written forms, but more and more we look to photos, videos and other forms of digital media to help spread the word. We would love to have more professional photos and videos of our events, our people and our volunteers. You don’t need to be out there every day, but you could help once in a while to capture the spirit of what Guide Dogs is all about.

  • Consultancy

Doesn’t it help to get a fresh perspective on things sometimes? We’ve been very privileged to have the support of volunteers to look at some of our projects and to help to facilitate workshops. It could be that you have IT consultancy experience, or project management skills. Your support with some of our projects and in reviewing our processes, might be just what we’re looking for.

Let us know what your skill is and we will find out if there is a way you and your specialist skill can support Guide Dogs.


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