Fundraising and Supporter Groups

The Guide Dogs service does not receive any government funding. So, we rely entirely on public generosity to sustain our services and the support we give to thousands of people who are blind or partially sighted, each year. We are very proud to receive help from thousands of volunteers but we really do need more help. We need your help.

Many of our fundraising volunteers enjoy the social aspect of our fantastic supporter groups. There are over 350 of these across the UK. They go out come rain or shine to raise awareness and funds for Guide Dogs. This could be at local events, fairs or even at your local supermarket. And within these groups, there are different ways to get involved depending on your interests and your time.

If you don’t have too much time or you’re not sure what to do…

  • You could be a Fundraiser

An image of two people dressed in pup suits having their photo taken with a young girl.Whether you have one day a year or one day a week, you can support your local group by providing some general help at their events and collections. It’s a really sociable and flexible way to get involved in your community.

  • Or you could be a Collection Box Coordinator

Our cute counter top collection boxes desperately need homes to go to. And we need volunteers to find them homes. That could be in local shops or businesses, and then all you need to do is collect from them and tally up the funds before paying it to Guide Dogs. You don’t need to have a group near you to do this role. As long as you’re keen, committed, honest and happy to chat to local business owners in your local community, this could be the role for you.

  • If you’re partial to organising you could be an Organiser

Does what it says on the tin really! Our group organisers do a fantastic role of taking the lead to organise events, collections and rally the troops. It’s really rewarding to see the supporter groups enjoying the days out, to see the money raised and what a difference that money and awareness makes. If you’re at university or work, could you get your friends and colleagues to form your own Guide Dogs supporter group?

  • If you’re a wannabe Carol Vorderman (or can just work an excel spreadsheet and some simple sums) you could be a Treasurer

Our treasurers tally the funds that their supporter group raises and makes sure these are taken to the bank. It’s really not that tricky. Just a great way to keep the brain working with some simple maths and computer skills.


Apply for a role

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