Operations (working with blind people and dogs)

My Guide

To support, for an agreed period of time, a blind or partially sighted person, supporting safe negotiation of the environment, building confidence and developing links to the local community, whilst maintaining dignity and promoting independence.

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Volunteer Sighted Guide

Provide sighted guide and assistance to a blind or partially sighted person at a Guide Dog function or meeting, whilst they are training with a dog and staying away from home in unfamiliar surroundings or at challenge events where money is being raised for Guide Dogs. Training will be given by qualified rehabilitation workers.

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For more information on becoming a Volunteer Sighted Guide, please contact the Volunteering Office

Volunteer Boarder

We have many types of  Puppy Boarders - who will carry out the same duties as a Puppy Walker when there are none available. Emergency Boarders - who are called upon on an infrequent basis if a Guide Dog Owner needs to go to hospital or another appointment where they will not be able to take the dog. This role will be to 'Bed and Breakfast' our dogs after a hard day training.

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Volunteer Tour Guide

This role will receive individuals and parties of visitors to the Guide Dogs Centre, serving refreshments and showing the visitors the working life of the Centre.
They will liaise with the departments at the Centre to ensure that the information given to visitors will be correct and up to date.

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Volunteer Dog Exerciser

When requested the dog exerciser will ensure that a guide dog is exercised in compliance with the procedures laid down by Guide Dogs.
The role holder will be in contact with both staff members and Guide Dog Owners arranging the exercise required.
There may be a certain amount of travelling to meet Guide Dog Owners.

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Volunteer Driver

Ensuring that both you and your vehicle ( if you use your own ) are legally roadworthy you would be required to transport dogs, Guide Dog Owners or even equipment to various locations.
Working with a Driver Co-ordinator your volunteering duties would be well planned in advance.
This role would need you to work with all business areas within the organisation.
This is a popular volunteering role and can be quite demanding at times with the possibility of driving long distances on some occasions while attending local fundraising events on others.

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Volunteer Puppy Walker

This is by for the most requested role within the associations volunteering area.
Your role would entail taking a 6 week old puppy into your home for 12 - 15 months and helping with the development needed to help progress the puppy on to further training once the dog leaves you and enters one of our training schools.
There needs to be a great level of commitment for this role as you will not normally be able to leave the dog for more that 3 hours in a 24 hour period.
You will need to be available most of the day in order to take the puppy on walks through town centres, on public transport, in a car as well as developing the basic obedience tasks the dog will need later in life.
We highly recommend that you read the criteria on the Puppy Walking pages before applying for this role - our team members will be more than happy to discuss, in detail, all of the requirements needed, as it is a demanding role.

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Volunteer Stud Dog Holder

Living within a 30 minute drive of our National Breeding Centre, Volunteer Stud Dog Holders will need to be available to bring the dog to the centre when required, which may be frequently and could be at short notice.

You would provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment for the dogs following Guide Dogs Policies and Procedures with regard to breeding dogs.

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Volunteer Brood Bitch Holder

You would live within about 40 miles of (and generally not more than an hour’s travelling time from) the Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre in Warwickshire, have facilities to enable the dogs to give birth in comfort within your home, and be able to travel to the centre when required.

You would provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment for the dogs following Guide Dogs Policies and Procedures with regard to breeding dogs.

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