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What standards does this website meet for accessibility?

We have tried to make this website as accessible as possible and easy to use for everyone, regardless of circumstance or ability.

The site has been designed to meet the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) standards. You can read more about these standards at the WWW consortium website.

We conducted user testing for accessibility during the development of the site, with users with diverse access requirements using a range of assistive technologies. And we commissioned an independent accessibility review and acted on the findings.

We developed the design and layout of the site so that it can be used by blind or partially sighted users. It is compatible with most screen readers and can be navigated without the use of a mouse.

We are making every effort to ensure that we don't exclude any users. For example:

  • We try to use clear and simple language.
  • We aim to use alternative text for all our images
  • The HTML we produce conforms to the standard: XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • We have tested the colours we use in the design for contrast.
  • We try to publish all our text content as accessible HTML rather than in other formats such as PDF. Where we do publish PDFs or other formats our policy is to make them as accessible as we can.

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What features will help me view the website more clearly?

There are three text size controls and three colour option buttons. (These are located in the top bar above the top navigation menu)

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Can I use screen magnification software?

Although some of the built-in features of the web browser that you use might be helpful, they do not offer the same level of access as the magnification software packages developed by specialist software suppliers. The Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) website provides in-depth information for partially sighted web users.

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Which screen resolution do you recommend for viewing this website?

The site is optimised for 1024px width and above, this accounts for over 99% of desktop users.

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I have very restrictive vision. What are my options?

If you have little or no vision, the Internet can be accessed using a speaking browser and refreshable Braille displays. You can download Browsealoud, read speaking software, from this website if you would like web pages read to you. Alternatively visit the RNIB website for further details of technology designed to help if you have a visual disability.

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I can't access the PDF documents on the site?

It is recommended that users download the latest version of Adobe Reader as it resolves the issue. You can download it via the link: http://get.adobe.com/reader/.

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