Thank you for becoming a patron

The staff and volunteers of our National Breeding Centre would like to thank the following patrons for their generous support.

Mr Paul Belham

Miss G Bloomfield

Mrs Joan Brooks

Miss Alison Brown

Miss Betty Brown

Mrs Beryl Carding

Mrs Heather Cole

Mrs June Covey

Miss Joan Dalby

Mr Robert Douglas

Mr Anthony Foster

Miss Alison Fraser

Dr Keith Gay

Mrs Jacqueline Griffiths

Mr Graham Hale

Mrs Sybil Hanson

Mrs Marjorie Hayes

Mr & Mrs R Hesketh

Mrs Stephanie Hill

Mrs Susan Hobbs

Miss Judy Laken

Mrs Joan McCall

Mrs Marjory Mcleod

Mr Ray Minister

Mrs Pat Myers

Mr Steve Parker

Mr Tony Parsons

Mrs Kathleen Poulson

Miss K Staniland

Mr & Mrs D Stoker

Mrs Yvonne Todd

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