Our Covid story

The Covid-19 pandemic hit us hard and has had a huge impact. Its legacy will be long-lasting and continues to affect the way we work and how quickly we can match our guide dog partnerships. We know that many of our service users and volunteers have questions about our recovery, our waiting times and why we’re still not able to create as many partnerships as in pre-Covid times. 

To help explain in more detail some of the difficult decisions made over the pandemic, how we managed and what we are doing to get back on track, we’ve produced the ten-minute film below. This features staff and volunteers involved in the breeding and partnership programmes who share their experiences, including the challenges of raising and socialising puppies over multiple lockdowns and restrictions.

Despite everything, we still created 282 partnerships in 2020 but we remain dedicated to our goal of reaching 1,000 new partnerships a year. We are determined to reduce our waiting list and have a plan in place which has already seen us take on more frontline staff, set up Guide Dogs Academy to train more specialists and work with other breeders to ensure we have enough top-quality dogs.

This year, we’ve already increased the number of puppies in our breeding programme and over the coming months, we’ll begin placing more puppies than ever before with our volunteer puppy raisers

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