Keeping a child with sight loss active and engaged

With the closure of schools across the UK, it's important to keep children active and entertained during the coronavirus outbreak. Here we share some resources to help you do just that!

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Amazon books

Amazon books have made a selection of Kindle books available for free to download, including many children’s titles.

Audible Stories

Aimed at younger audiences, Audible Stories have also made many titles free for as long as the schools are closed. They're available to listen to on a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet and are available on their Discovery page.

David Walliams

One of the UK's most popular children's author, David Walliams, is also releasing a free audiobook for children at 11am daily via his “Elevenses with the World of David Walliams” website.

British Blind Sport

Keeping your child physically active is essential for their physical and mental well-being, especially since they are away from school and spending more time indoors. British Blind Sport has collated some accessible workouts to keep younger generations active, healthy, and burning off energy!

Story themes

If you have young children at home and are trying to support their learning, it can be challenging to hold their attention.

One suggestion is to choose a story that you can read together and then provide lots of different activities based on that story theme. This can help develop their skills across different areas of learning.

We have included some story suggestions below, together with a range of activities that you could investigate with your child.

Family fun at home

With our Guide Dogs Family Events currently on hold, we’ve put together some fun activity ideas for families to enjoy at home. With families across the nation finding themselves indoors together, it’s time to get creative!


  • RNIB Talking Books – Register free for access to over 26,000 audio books.
  • Oxford Owl – Register free for eBooks and activities, developed for children aged 3–11 years old.
  • Audible Stories – Offering free stories for children while the schools are closed. No registration required.
  • Amazon Music – Currently offering a three-month free trial of unlimited music.
  • Calibre - A national charity lending free audiobooks for anyone who is unable to access print books.
  • The world of David Walliams – A free audio story is released each day. No registration required.

Interactive storytelling

Physical activities

  • Cosmic Yoga – Yoga for children with popular story themes.
  • P.E. with Joe – A daily workout at 9am each weekday from Joe Wick, also known as The Body Coach.
  • Clap for Carers – Every Thursday night at 8pm households across the country applaud the NHS and other key workers.


  • The Scouts – Over one hundred free, fun activities to try at home with your family.
  • The Teddy Bear Hunt - Inspired by the book “Going on a bear hunt” by Michael Rosen, place a teddy bear in your window for other children to see while out on a walk.
  • Follow the rainbow – Children across the country are painting pictures of rainbows and placing them in windows to spread some joy.

Live zoo cameras

Videos and music


West End Shows

  • The Wind in the Willows – Watch the stage show online. A sign-up and charity donation is required.

    Support from other charities

  • RNIB online shop - RNIB – Let’s play! A guide to toy and play ideas for children with a vision impairment.
  • VICTA - Empowering children and young people with a vision impairment through the Victa Parent Network Facebook group and a portal to share your favourite resources.
  • Wonderbaby Org – A huge list of resources for parents of children with a vision impairment.
  • Braille works - Different resource suggestions for parents of children with a vision impairment.
  • LOOK UK - Online support groups, ‘Find your calm’ workshops and share ideas, information, and support.

Other information

  • Guide Dogs Children’s Services Advice Line – Call us on 0800 781 1444 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, to find out more about our whole range of services.
  • Children’s Commissioner’s guide to Coronavirus – A guide from the Children’s Commissioner on how to explain coronavirus to children.
  • Childline – 0800 1111