Companion dogs for adults

Our companion dogs offer friendship and emotional support to adults with sight loss and their families. These well-behaved dogs can help build confidence, improve wellbeing and provide a reason to get out more and exercise. This can lead to decreased isolation and a variety of health benefits.

A companion dog is:

  • a friendly, well-behaved dog
  • here to help you build confidence and increase your physical activity
  • owned by Guide Dogs and we will continue to monitor the wellbeing of you and your companion dog over time
  • looked after and paid for by you and your family, including vets’ bills and insurance

A companion dog is not:

  • a guide dog. They should never be used as a mobility aid or for sighted assistance
  • legally allowed anywhere a pet wouldn’t be. Some places may allow a companion dog access – but this is entirely at their discretion

We will work with you to consider whether a companion dog is right for you and your household.