Companion dogs for adults

Our companion dogs offer friendship and emotional support to adults with sight loss and their families. These well-behaved and well-trained dogs can help build your confidence and improve your wellbeing by providing a reason to get out more, so you gain the health benefits of a more active lifestyle, as well as the unconditional love of a dog.

A companion dog is:

  • a friendly, well-behaved dog
  • here to help you build confidence and go out more
  • owned by Guide Dogs
  • looked after and paid for by you and your family, including vets’ bills and insurance

A companion dog is not:

  • a guide dog, so they should never be used as a mobility aid or for sighted assistance 
  • legally allowed anywhere a pet wouldn’t be. Some places may let them in, but it’s their choice – they don’t have to
  • owned by your family
a friend that you can love and that helps keep you going

In this section...

At Guide Dogs, we are committed to helping people with sight loss live the life they choose. In doing so, we will support the welfare and protection from harm of every person and animal who comes into contact with us.