Puppy Resources

Module 1 - How can a guide dog change a life?

1.4 Lesson plan and activity sheet

All about Guide Dogs

Watch this video to learn more about Guide Dogs. There are also more videos available below.

One VisionOne Vision video

An overview of the organisation’s work- includes footage of guide dogs, their owners, volunteers, staff and some of the aids used.

Changing LivesChanging Lives video

Information about Guide Dogs and explains the application process and how it has changed many lives.

Walk My WayWalk My Way video

A camera was attached to Alma's harness via a mount and angled to provide a great view of the world from a guide dog's perspective.

Sponsor a Guide Dog puppySponsor a Guide Dog puppy video

Guide dog owner Dave, with his guide dog Quince, star in Sponsor a Puppy TV advert.