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Module 1 - How can a guide dog change a life?

1.3 Lesson plan and activity sheet

Guide dog/Pet dog - Spot the difference

They may look the same, they may even be the same breed of dog (Most often golden retriever/labrador), but they must be treated differently. What is the difference between a pet dog and a guide dog? Drag the statements onto the correct area.

  • Likes going for a walk
  • Wears a harness and bib
  • Walks to heel
  • Is faithful and loving
  • Can go into restaurants
  • Calm in any situation
  • Sometimes chases squirrels and cats
  • Can go for a free run

Guide dog only

Both dogs

Pet dog only

Guide Dog Sitting Pet Dog Sitting

Hints and tips

Guide Dog wearing harness sitting down

Always ask the owner before you touch any dog - a working dog or a pet dog.

Remember - never distract, touch or feed a working guide dog - the dog needs to concentrate on guiding its owner.

Remember - never give a guide dog a ball to play with as it can bring out their chase instinct.

Guide dog breeds

We use the following breeds for guide dogs:

  • 55% Retriever crosses (crossed with either a labrador or a german shepherd)
  • 30% Labrador
  • 9% Golden retriever
  • 5% German shepherd
  • 1% Other breeds and crosses