Module 2 - Life Changers

2.1 Lesson plan

2.1 - Our dogs

Find out about the rigorous training that guide dogs undergo, from tiny puppy to fully fledged guide dog.

  • Guide Dogs training programme

    Guide Dogs is the world's largest breeder and trainer of working dogs. Every year around 1,300 would-be guide dogs are born to our brood bitches (guide dog mums) who are specially selected for their outstanding physical and temperamental qualities.

    Our brood bitches live in family homes near our National Breeding Centre in Warwickshire and are brought to the centre to mate with a matched 'stud dog' (guide dog dad).

    Pups born to become guide dogs must be intelligent and good natured and not be nervous of crowds or frightened by sudden noises.

    Guide dog parents and their puppies

Guide Dog Trainer Jackie Kent shows us the first stages of training with Lewis and Zalli

Guide Dog Trainer Jackie Kent

Guide Dog Trainer Jackie describes how she became a guide dog trainer and her daily routine with the dogs she trains.

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