Module 1 - Insights: Who would I be if I couldn't see?

1.1 - What is it like to be blind or partially sighted?

A person can become visually impaired for a number of reasons - but what does their world look like? Scroll through the interactive to find out.

1.2 - Assumptions and judgements

Sometimes it is too easy to stereotype people and give them a label. What are your first impressions of these young people? Scroll through the activity to find out more about them.

1.3 - Losing your sight doesn't mean losing yourself

We can all share the same experience - but in a different way. Read the comic to find out how two young people, one who is blind, enjoyed a night at a gig.

1.4 - You can achieve if you believe

Guide Dog Owner, Lora Turnham and her boyfriend, Neil Fachie are great role models. Both competed in cycling events in the Paralympics, with determination and confidence. Read Lora's story here.

Who would I be if I couldn't see?