Module 1 - Insights: Who would I be if I couldn't see?
1.2 Lesson plan

1.2 - Assumptions and judgements

First impressions count... or do they?

We are often quick to judge and jump to conclusions when we first meet a person and see how they look and act.

In this activity you will meet a character. After the initial screen, make notes and describe how he/she looks and what you think he/she is doing. Scroll through, using the arrows to find more information about the character.

Does your opinion change as you find out more?

    1. Girl picking a book from a shelf
    2. Girl opening book
    3. Girl reading book using braille
    1. Boy walking dog with his friend
    2. Boy putting harness onto dog
    3. Boy walking with his guide dog
    1. Boy using laptop
    2. Boy sending email on laptop
    3. Laptop reading page content out loud using screen reader

How would you feel?

Young guide dog owners talk about the assumptions and judgements they face every day, and the public's perception of them and their dogs.

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