Module 1 - Insights: Who would I be if I couldn't see?
1.3 Lesson plan

1.3 - Losing your sight doesn’t mean losing yourself

This comic strip is written from the point of view of both a sighted person (on the right) and a blind person (on the left).

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  • Max and Millie are going shopping for something to wear to the gig tonight
  • Millie is shopping with her sister, Abby. Abby says 'There's a sale! I can already see some things you would love.' Max and his friend head towards the Mens clothing. Max wants a new t-shirt.
  • Abby shows Millie a dress that will go great with her hair. Millie loves the feel of the material and the shape. Max picks out a t-shirt that he likes.
  • Millie and Abby try on their new dresses. The boys pay for their clothes.
  • The girls leave the shop with their new clothes. Max decides to text Millie to check if she is going to the gig tonight.
  • Millie's phone reads out Max's message. It reads 'Hey, r u going 2 da gig 2nite?' Millie is excited. Millie replies 'Hiya, yea Abby and I will be on the balcony'.
  • Later, at the stadium...
  • Millie and Abby walk towards the balcony to find their seats. Max and his friend are in the crowd waiting for the gig to start.
  • Abby guides Millie up the stairs to their balcony seats. Max and his friend make their way through the busy crowd to the front.
  • The girls arrive at the balcony. The boys cannot believe that they have arrived at the front of the crowd and excitedly wait for the gig to start
  • The band enter the stage and the crowd begins to cheer.
  • Millie shouts 'They're starting! They must be here, everyone is cheering! Yay!' Max also shouts 'Whoo hoo! Here they are!'
  • The gig begins and the bang start playing.
  • Millie exclaims 'They're playing my favourite song!' Max tells his friend 'Look at the guitarist, she is well fit'
  • From up on the balcony, Abby describes the light show to her sister. Blue and pink lasers everywhere! Max shouts 'Whoa, cool effects!'
  • Both the boys and girls dance to the music.
  • After the gig, the boys and girls meet up and walk home together.

Case Study: Debbie and Hannah

Debbie and Hannah

Debbie and Hannah tell us why losing your sight doesn’t mean losing yourself.

Having a guide dog has given them both the independence and confidence to take part in everyday activities like going to the cinema, playing sport and shopping just like any other 17 year old.

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