Essential criteria

Rehoming a Guide Dog

  • I am over 18 years-old
  • I don’t work full time and will not leave my dog alone for periods of more than four hours in any 24-hour period without human company (we prefer that our dogs stay with one owner/family and are not shared between different handlers, e.g. dog walkers)
  • If I live in rented, housing association or council owned property I have, or can, obtain permission to have a dog from my landlord or agent prior to a home visit (please note that we are unable to rehome a dog without this)
  • I will be responsible for all costs in relation to my dog (including food, annual vaccinations, worming and flea prevention)
  • I have access to a safe enclosed area in which my dog can toilet
  • I have no more than two other pet dogs

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Rehomed guide dog Forbes
Rehomed guide dog Forbes