Criteria to become a Puppy Walker

A puppy needs to be welcomed into your home and its development and future role understood by all the family. It should be reared with a blend of affection, control, and supervision similar to that given to a young child.  As a prospective puppy walker, who will care for and develop one of our puppies, it is essential that you consider the following criteria and questions:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to be responsible for the puppy.  Whilst any children at home can enjoy lending a hand, it is important that any puppy training, e.g. lead work, is only carried out by a responsible person.  Children aged 16 -18 may walk the puppy with supervision.
  • Feeding, training and generally caring for a puppy's needs on a daily basis is time-consuming and particularly when very young they cannot be left on their own for extended periods of time. Our general guideline is up to three hours maximum in the early days (building up from 20 minutes initially). Will you be able to commit the time required to look after a puppy?
  • The puppy will need exposure to busy town conditions, traffic, shops and crowds on a regular basis. It will also need to be familiarized with car travel and public transport. Would you be able to provide a puppy with this range of experience?
  • You need to have a suitable area in your home to accommodate the puppy with easy access to a hard surfaced or gravel toileting area.

Whilst it is not a problem for other pets to be in the home, any pet dogs must be of a suitable temperament.

Puppy walking should be fun and enjoyable for all the family. Having a household with children and a puppy can, however, be a mixed blessing! In these situations, both puppy and child must learn respect for one another.

Throughout the process, you will never be without support. Your Puppy Walking Supervisor or representative will visit regularly to check on progress, give practical advice and assist with any difficulties you encounter.

All adults in the household who will undertake some of the care and training of the puppy will need to sign our Puppy Walking Agreement when first allocated a puppy.