What happens after puppy walking?

When the puppy leaves

As a general rule the puppy will return to the training centre for formal training at around 12 months old. This will probably be a day full of mixed emotions for you and your family as your pup leaves you, but you should be proud that you have started its training for such a worthwhile job.

It is nice to know what you are doing is so worthwhile and you get a real sense of achievement from it. When the puppy leaves, you know you've done your bit and it's going on to do the next stage of its training.

Guide Dogs Puppy Walker

Guide dog in training

Once at the centre, the puppy (now a young adult dog) will be allocated to a Guide Dog Trainer who will commence the next stage of its training. During this time you will receive regular training updates. When the dog has completed this stage it will progress to advanced training with a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor who will complete the final stages by training the dog with a visually-impaired person.

The graduate

We will tell you when your dog qualifies as a working guide dog and you'll receive a framed photograph of the dog presented with our thanks for your work. The new guide dog owner is asked to contact you, just to let you know how the dog has settled.

When they don't quite make the grade

Inevitably, for a variety of reasons, not all puppies and young adults make the grade as a guide dog. If this happens, we will try to train the puppy into a different working role such as Dogs for the Disabled. If this is not possible you may be offered the dog back under our rehoming scheme. Alternatively, we have a very long waiting list of approved people waiting to give one of our dogs a loving home.