Shyam's story

Shyam, aged 10 and his younger sister were both born with rod cone dystrophy and nystagmus as well as learning difficulties. This eye condition means that he is unable to see more than two metres in front of him and he has also lost his peripheral vision.

Since Shyam started school five years ago he has worked on his mobility and life skills with children’s mobility instructors, Paul and Isabel, who are based at the school.

Shyam has recently made big steps in becoming more independent and is now capable of finding his way independently throughout the school, as well as becoming much more outgoing, confident and sociable with peers and teachers alike.

Shyam has worked closely with Paul for the past few months to develop his mobility skills outside the school environment. They have recently been working on building Shyam's confidence and independence in busy, public places using path finding techniques and learning routes as well as providing him with the opportunity to develop further life and social skills such as coin counting, turn taking and decision making.